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Airush Kiteboarding Kiteboards 2013

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Airush FS Team Kiteboard 2013

The FS Team is developed specifically to be the ultimate kiteboard ever made. Unique innovations in lamination, construction and core technology have enable us to offer a product that is simply lighter, more responsive at the stiffness required from a dedicated freestyle board. This unique development is the result of a complete rethink of the production process, along with the huge innovation found in the quad layer multiaxial 100% carbon construction.

Airush Livewire Kiteboard 2013

Developed with our pro team to be the most versatile board on the market. The key to this is the dual rocker bottom that gives a combination of quick planning, edging control and upwind performance normally not found in a higher rocker design. Ideal for freestyle, Wakestyle and aggresive freeride. Shipped standard with AFT Teams and compatible with most modern bindings.

Airush Protoy Kiteboard 2013

The Protoy is suited to the rider looking for refined freestyle performance with riding comfort normally only found in a freeride board. The secret lies in the unique double concave bottom combined with a continuous rocker and 3 stage outline, making the Protoy work perfectly in just about any conditions. The shape performs in conjunction the high level of damping and response found in our multi-zone Biotech core, combined with the Full Dual Carbon construction.

Airush Switch Kiteboard 2013

The Switch delivers the benchmark in freeride performance, from beginner to advanced riders.

The progressive flex curve is achieved through a combination of the tapered ABS rail, refined deck profile, abs flex tips and the biotech core. The three stage rocker and outline perform in synergy to offer a combination of upwind performance and comfort at speed, the result is the smoothest of rides and absolute refinement.

Airush Vox Kiteboard 2013

Plug and play performance ensure incredible easy of use from your first ride. Single Concave bottom shape with moderate 3 stage outline keeps the Vox smooth and comfortable while allowing easy changes of direction. AFT Core 3D Molded Footbed with quick fit base plate, for simple assembly and adjustment. Dual screw G10 Fins. Ultra Durable construction (2 year breakage warranty) with lightweight Biotech core.

Airush Monaro Race Kiteboard 2013

Designed for the diehard racer that won’t accept anything less than the fastest board around the course. The Monaro V4 is the result of ongoing development by Rolf van der Vlugt and Katja Roose, to develop the ultimate race weapon for our pro team. The numerous features of the IKA Production Class “Box Rule” approved Monaro V4 makes the board ultra efficient. The construction comprises of a high modulus carbon fiber construction with high-density foam sandwich for stiffness, strength and minimum weight. The subtlest design adjustments on the Monaro V4 result in massive gains on the racecourse. A dual chine rail eliminates the drag produced by spray against the feet. The concave deck in the nose area allows for reduced weight and wind lift on the nose area. At the tail end of the board, the innovated Step Squash Tail increases control off the wind or in high wind condition.

Airush Converse Kitesurf Kiteboard 2013

Developed specifically for the advanced wave purist looking for a dedicated down the line board, the high rocker single concave shape delivers perfectly. The kite specific construction offers significantly reinforcing over a traditional surfboard. The innovative active construction offers a performance upgrade ideal for lighter wind and increased crossover surf performance. The active construction offers a performance upgrade ideal for lighter wind or crossover surf potential.

Airush Compact Kitesurf Kiteboard 2013

At six inches shorter than your regular board, the Compact fits into every section of a wave imaginable; while at the same time has the stability and drive to deal with high wind and bigger wave conditions.

The vee bottom in the tail area allows for smooth rail-to-rail transitions, while the wider nose area in the entry of the board helps increase planning speed over flat sections. This maintains the low end that a rider would find in a longer board. Its narrow tail and reduced hip give it more control in high wind, which in conjunction with the bottom shape ensure the smoothest drive in the toughest conditions.

Airush Cypher Kitesurf Kiteboard 2013

The 5’4” combines the performance of a small wave surfboard with an incredible throw around factor.

The 5’4” features a concave deck for low center of drive and improved strapless performance.

The 5’6” is the perfect all-round performer; the medium volume ensures great performance in a diverse range of onshore to cross-onshore conditions.

Ideal for medium to heavier and lightwind riders, the 5’8” absolutely rips while having enough buoyancy for paddle surfing up to an advanced 85 kg rider in small surf (up to shoulder high).

The 5’10” has a unique design pushing the envelope of extreme lightwind wave performance by allowing you to ride aggressively in the most marginal conditions. At the same time, the 5’10” Cypher has wave engineered heritage which ensures significant crossover surf potential.

Online Catalogue | Kiteboarding/Kitesurfing  | Kiteboard Kitesurf Boards | Airush Kiteboarding Kiteboards |  Airush Kiteboarding Kiteboards 2013