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Best Kiteboarding Kiteboards 2013

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Best Kiteboarding Kiaola Kiteboard 2013

The Kiaola perfectly bridges the gap between light wind, surf and freeride. With more volume underfoot and a drag cheating bottom shape the Kiaola will get you going when all other boards are still floundering. Fit some thruster fins and hit a wave and the Kiaola feels as comfortable and as connected as any surf shape. Point it hard upwind and it charges like a race board.

Best Kiteboarding Profanity Kiteboard V2 2013

The Profanity v2 is for wakestyle riders like you who want a faster, stiffer board with insane pop . Our unique vertical sandwich core gives us absolute control over the flex pattern, so you retain total control on the water. With low profile fins, tip channels and a no trip rail it’s the ultimate slider and kicker weapon and it’s the only board our Ronix sponsored team riders reach for every session.

Best Kiteboarding Pro Creator Kiteboard 2013

If the heaviest thing in your kite bag is the failure of losing your last competition heat then you need the Pro-Creator.

We took the Armada board outline, stiffened it and lightened it with a redesigned layup, core and rocker line to make the new Pro-Creator. It’s the smoothest riding and most durable twin-tip that we know how to make and it’s the #1 choice for our Global Team riders.

Best Kiteboarding Breeze Kiteboard 2013

The light wind board has finally come of age. Our Torsion-X reinforcement provides the stiffness and feel that you need underfoot to keep a longer, wider board under control. The Step Rail design channels water flow under the board for maximum lift and reduced drag, so you and your Breeze riding friends will be planing away while other riders have to wait for more wind.

Best Kiteboarding Armada Kiteboard 2013

Designed for new school and freeride riders just like you, the Armada v4 delivers maximum performance and versatility. Our all Pre-Preg lay-up, Torsion-X reinforcement and Vari-Damp flex control give you precise handling, outrageous durability and weighs up to 700 grams less than last year’s boards. Profiling the Supremo wood core towards the tips allows smooth progressive carving through the turns and gives you ample flex for checking in even the roughest landings.

Best Kiteboarding KB4Girls Kiteboard 2013

The KB4Girls board is designed to exceed the requirements of female riders for lighter, stronger and faster boards. Developed specifically to help the girls show the guys how it should be done it has been designed with the input of 9x Women’s World Champion Kristin Boese and KB4Girls participants from around the world.

Best Kiteboarding Spark Plug Kiteboard 2013

The Spark Plug is the perfect freeride and new school board for riders who value quality and performance and it’s our most popular mid-range board . With our Pre-Preg layup and Wood Flex Core there’s no better board to help you maximize your progress. Every size of Spark Plug has a perfectly dialed-in flex pattern so you are sure to find the perfect fit for your size, weight, and skill level.

Best Kiteboarding Stubby Kiteboard 2013

The Stubby is a dumpster/fish style shortboard and is available in two sizes, 5’4 and 5’8. Perfect for smaller surf, with its shorter outline, flatter nose and a more width up front the Stubby is a real speed generator perfect for boosting big airs and hacking tight turns. In smaller surf the quad fin option and wide square tail helps maximize drive, giving you a loose feeling in your turns that’s just perfect for beach breaks. With a lot of curve in a short package the Stubby will help you explore the pocket and keep it on the rail.

Online Catalogue | Kiteboarding/Kitesurfing  | Kiteboard Kitesurf Boards | Best Kiteboarding Kiteboards |  Best Kiteboarding Kiteboards 2013