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Best Kiteboarding Nemesis NXG 2010

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Best Kiteboarding Nemesis NGX 2010
Best Nemesis NXG 2010 The all new Best Kiteboarding Nemesis NXG sets the bar for performance riding, providing the perfect balance between C-kite responsiveness and SLE performance. Demanding riders will find it the unbeatable choice for Big-air and high powered Freestyle riding styles.

Combining Twister Tech tm with a radical new wingtip layout and C-kite plan-shape delivers faster, more powerful turn initiation with reduced bar pressure, maximizing handling responsiveness in any wind conditions. Our Cuben Equipped LE construction reduces drag and improves LE stiffness allowing you to ride the Best Nemesis NXG harder and faster upwind so you can spend more time in the competition zone.

A deeper, more powerful central canopy profile delivers incredible low wind ability while the VP3 bridle completely eliminates backstall, even when riding unhooked, ensuring that the NXG remains ultra stable across its entire wind range. Add in Canopy Framing, a 3D Kevlar airframe and Best’s legendary Surf Tough construction and you have the number one kite choice for all performance focused riders, in any wind, on any wave.

Twister Tech:
The unique twisting ability of a Twister Tech tm equipped leading edge allows you to use much more of the kite canopy to generate turning response, not just the wingtip sections. Because your steering input is transmitted more effectively into the entire canopy, kites equipped with Twister Techtm deliver faster turn initiation and hold a tighter turning circle with less bar input than you previously imagined possible.

Cuben Equipped leading edge:
Cuben Fiber allows for the creation of stronger, stiffer and more aerodynamic kites than can be made with ordinary Dacron fabrics.The amazing performance of the Nemesis NXG would not be possible without our Cuben Equipped leading edge technology.
Compared to woven Dacron fabrics, the linear structured filaments in Cuben Fiber provide it with near zero-stretch, incredible light weight, and amazing durability. These properties translate directly into a faster flying, more powerful kite with enhanced stability.

VP3 bridle system:
Our VP3 bridle system provides 3 benefits over a standard front bridle setup. Our dual pulley setup gives you more depower from reduced bar travel, making your kite safer and easier to fly. Unlike 2-in-1 bars with bar mounted pulleys, there is no increase in bar pressure for this added performance. The wingtip bridle attachments lines compensate for changes in load as the kite is depowered. The VP3 bridle allows the kite to breathe as you power up and depower the kites, enhancing stability.

Kevlar reinforced airframe construction for maximum precision, durability and minimum weight.All leading edge and strut joints on your kite are laser cut, 3D shaped and Kevlar tape reinforced.
Sure it takes a little longer and costs a little more to build kites this way, but there is no better way to connect the leading edge to the struts.

For 2010 the Nemesis NXG and selected sizes of Waroo receive our external EZ-Pump tm inflation system. Inflating your kite has never been quicker or easier and there's never been a more durable external inflation system available for any kite.

ABC Custom tune:
ABC Auto-tune provides multiple settings for depower, bar pressure and turning speed. New for 2010 we've updated the line attachment points so that regardless of which setting you use, your flying line length is automatically corrected.
From unhooked riding to freestyle to big wave surfing, we are sure you will find a setup option that suits you perfectly, no matter where or how you prefer to ride

By placing the LE attachment points on the inside of the kite rather than on the exposed outside of the leading edge we've been able to reduce the potential for snagging seam edges and fraying the LE Dacron. For snowkiting and All-terrain riding it makes the 2010 kites the obvious choice.

(click for a larger image) CANOPY FRAMING TECHNOLOGY:
Crashing your kite is a fact of life. That's why the perimeter of each canopy segment in every kite we make is supported with a unique reinforcement zone: isolating the canopy from impact and crash loads.
For 2010, CFT now uses an even stronger mark cloth reinforcement directly between the struts and the canopy, further enhancing the strength of your kite without adding unnecessary weight.CFT is a unique approach to the tasks of distributing shock loads across the canopy of your kite and you'll only find it on Best kites.

Enhanced leading edge protection for all conditions and all-terrain riding. Kevlar reinforced, abrasion-resistant leading edge elbow patches provide greater resistance against handling and launch/land damage. All-terrain use and snow kiting has never looked so attractive.

The tip-to-tip leading edge seam on all of our kites is triple stitched with a full length webbing tape closure on the outside. The inside is fully taped with a full length mark cloth strip for maximum strength with all internal seams being smooth-taped to protect the bladders from any ridges of stitching. The Load Flex seam design provides additional support to the leading edge helping to provide maximum strength and stability to your kite; it is one of the reasons why Best kites are famed for their legendary flying stability.

All of our 2010 kites benefit from our exclusive CFT reinforced trailing edge. Adding CFT to the leach line helps provide razor-sharp turning response and unmatched durability. CFT helps reduce the damage incurred by leaving kites flapping in the wind.

Surf Tough describes how we build in the absolute highest quality with every kite that we make. There are no shortcuts to great performance and lasting durability. We take pride in each and every kite that we make and that's why you will find Surf Tough features on every one of our inflatable kites.

Best Nemesis NXG 6m Wind range: 22-35knts*
Best Nemesis NXG 8m Wind range: 18-35knts*
Best Nemesis NXG 9m Wind range: 15-33knts
Best Nemesis NXG 10m Wind range: 13-31knts
Best Nemesis NXG 12m Wind range: 10-27knts
Best Nemesis NXG 14m Wind range: 8-24 knts

Wind Range Nemesis NXG
Best Nemesis NXG 6m 2010 Kite Only Best Nemesis NXG 6m 2010 Kite Only

Price: 739.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

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Best Nemesis NXG 8m 2010 Kite Only Best Nemesis NXG 8m 2010 Kite Only

Price: 809.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

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Best Nemesis NXG 9m 2010 Kite Only Best Nemesis NXG 9m 2010 Kite Only

Price: 839.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

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Best Nemesis NXG 10m 2010 Kite Only Best Nemesis NXG 10m 2010 Kite Only

Price: 869.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

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Best Nemesis NXG 12m 2010 Kite Only Best Nemesis NXG 12m 2010 Kite Only

Price: 959.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

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Best Nemesis NXG 14m  2010 Kite Only Best Nemesis NXG 14m 2010 Kite Only

Price: 1,029.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

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2010 Best Kiteboarding Redline Performance Bar2010 Best Kiteboarding Redline Performance Bar
The Red-Line Performance bar combines everyone’s favourite features and safety options into one unbeatable bar. Simple enough for anyone to understand, yet with enough versatility to satisfy even the most demanding riders, it’s guaranteed to set the standard for years to come.

The Red-Line Performance bar uses our new moulded, push to release QR with integrated swivel. With only one moving part and no complex internal mechanical parts the ‘Click-it QR’ is easy to reassemble and designed to work consistently with a positive release action even under several hundred kilograms of load.

With an integral swivel sitting on top of the chickenloop assembly untwisting your lines and swapping between hooked-in and unhooked riding just got a whole lot easier. This is the perfect bar for riders of all levels who demand the most reliable and predictable safety system but still need all the features our previous bars have had to offer.

A dual-depower center line with integral moulded stopper allows you to trim the bar position, taking the strain so you can concentrate on your next move. The Redline safety system passes directly through the center of the stopper ball, providing a safety override regardless of how you use the stopper.

A dual front line safety set-up ensures that your kite depowers safely and lands ready to be relaunched as quickly as possible. Riders who require to completely kill their kite can opt to use the rear line OSR handles instead of the chickenloop mounted Redline safety. Advanced riders can choose to use the suicide leash connection by clipping their safety over the chickenloop line.

Flying lines are 700lb rated, colour coded for easy set-up and proven to offer incredibly low stretch and amazing durability; the rear flying lines can be trimmed to allow compensation for your preferred bar position or when using the bar with kites from previous product years. An above the bar pull-pull trim strap provides easy depower trimming in flight.

One bar for all kites, the Standard has been set.

Price: 289.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

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