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Cabrinha Contra Kitesurf Kite 2014

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Contra Overview


Performance Lightwind

Sizes: 15m, 17m

3 Micro Struts - Reduced strut DIAMETERS & light weight BLADDERS
Direct Steering and Snappy Turns
Park and Ride Stability - Consistent Power Without Working the Kite
Light Bar Pressure - Featherweight Control
MODERATE Arc Shape with Dynamic Arc - Quick Turning and Fast RELAUNCH
.The all new Contra is a featherweight cannon that delivers light wind fun like you’ve never had before. It has the muscle to get you up and riding when the winds are barely showing signs on the water. The ultra efficient profiles optimize the low end power production while allowing excellent depower on the top end.Maximizing performance in light winds the 3 micro struts improve aerodynamic performance using light weight materials with very low drag. The Contra delivers distinctly sharp and precise turning that makes generating power and speed a snap while maintaining the agility of a smaller kite.


- High Durability
- 100% Double Ripstop
- Low Stretch In Warp And Weft
- Excellent Recovery On The Bias
- Roll Printed Graphics

Our exclusive line of high quality woven fabrics are designed to our exact specifications specifically for kitesurfing. Tested and developed over 4 years our Volae materials are made to deliver the lowest stretch and highest durability in their class.

Introducing Volae. Our exclusive line of high quality woven fabrics that have been designed specifically for kitesurfing. Unlike many of the generic sailcloths available in today’s kites, the Volae materials have been personally developed to our exact specifications.

Our ongoing personal involvement in the development process has raised the quality bar to a place where accuracy and consistency are guaranteed with every kite we make. Our new 2DR Double Rip Stop material is designed to provide a light weight yet durable canopy with extremely low stretch properties. This translates into a kite with the ability to lock in its intended shape and is ultra reactive to rider input. Volae 2DR Double Rip Stop material comes in a 53 gsm canopy material and a 75 gsm reinforcement material. Both utilize the shape locking double rip stop pattern and proprietary finish (emulsion).

The double rip stop also provides for additional protection against tears. It is a balanced weave of 40 denier yarns with double rip stop clusters of yarns to improve the tear strength. It is very stable and low stretch in the warp and weft directions and has controlled elongation with good recovery on the bias. This enables the kite shape to be very stable yet still twist freely while turning. Our Dacron LE and strut material is made p of 150 denier warp yarns and 250 denier weft yarns. This puts the strongest and lowest stretch yarns around the circumference of the leading edge where the forces from inflation are greatest. Our Dacron material is very stable on all three axis do to the nature of the weave along with the heavily resin impregnated finishing process. Our Volae fabrics also have a unique roller printed look.

- Tighter Arc In Flight For Faster Turning
- Opens Wide On The Water For Faster Relaunch

A dynamic arc allows the kite to have two distinct arc shapes. It takes on one shape while flying and another shape while in resting mode on the water. The flying shape occurs as soon as the kite gets airborne and the front lines are under tension. This is the kite’s intended shape which is optimized for the intended usage. The arc shape is held in place by a simple set of bridling. The dynamic arc shape occurs when the kite is resting on the water in relaunch mode. The arc is allowed to open its span which orients the wingtips in a position to facilitates a super quick relaunch.

- Direct Connection To Hose
- 2 Way Airflow
- Large Airflow Aperture
- Rapid Inflate/Deflate

The Sprint Inflation System with Airlock is the most efficient and easy way to get your kite pumped up quickly. The large one-way Airlock valve quickly feeds air into all of the struts from a single location. The Airlock connection to the Sprint pump now requires no special adapters. Once inflated you can lock off each strut independently to keep your kite’s rigid frame, and isolate any accidental strut deflation from the rest of the kite. When the session is over The entire kite will deflate in seconds thanks to the Airlock valve’s large dump feature.

POWER CONTROL: PIGTAILS - Power Up Or Down To Maximize Range

Every Cabrinha kite comes with a simple, adjustable way to choose the power level of the kite. Each rear line “pig tail” connector has three power positions which you can connect to. The middle position is the factory recommended position. But the user can choose to create more power by connecting the knot closest to the kite or less power by connecting to the knot closest to the rider.

Cabrinha Contra 2014 15m Kite Only Cabrinha Contra 2014 15m Kite Only

Price: 1,199.00 (Including VAT at 20%)


Cabrinha Contra 2014 17m Kite Only Cabrinha Contra 2014 17m Kite Only

Price: 1,299.00 (Including VAT at 20%)


Cabrinha Override Control Bar 2014Cabrinha Override Control Bar 2014

Sizes: Adjusts (49-57cm)

Why You'll Love It

- Internalized Lines / Clutter Free
- Removable Security Pin
- Spinning Leash
- Secondary Qr
- Ergonomic Floating Bar Ends
- Internal Swivel

Our eternal quest for a simpler solution to control, handling and security, has produced our cleanest and most feature rich control system to date. The Overdrive 1X control and security system is a compact joystick with heaps of built in features.

Price: 419.00 (Including VAT at 20%)


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