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Cabrinha Kiteboards 2010

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Cabrinha S-Killet 2010 Kiteboard

In the quest to make the most out of marginal wind and wave conditions we’ve developed the S-Killit. Designed for real world wave conditions, the S-Killit’s ease of use anytime, anywhere will make it the must-have board of the season.

Cabrinha Thruster Kiteboard 2010

The Thruster is a modern classic surfboard design from start to finish. It is as comfortable paddle surfing as it is riding with a kite.

Cabrinha S- Quad 2010 Kiteboard

The S-Quad is a purpose built board for high performance surfing. The S-Quad is a four finned epoxy board made to surf fast and hard.

Cabrinha Nugget 2010 Kiteboard

The Nugget is the board everyone will bug you to try. With its high volume foam core, low rocker line and soft rails, and twin tip outline, it is a clear departure from the cookie cutter freestyle designs of today.

Cabrinha Wake Skate 2010 Kiteboard

Developed specifically for kiteboarding, the Cabrinha Wake Skate represents a new genre of strapless trick riding.

Cabrinha Rival 2010 Kiteboard

High performance at an affordable price. The Cabrinha Rival is a freeride design without limits.

Cabrinha Custom 2010 Kiteboard

Developed with wakestyle king, Andre Phillip, the 2010 Custom is arguably one of the best shapes in kiteboarding today.

Cabrinha Prodigy 2010 Kiteboard

The Prodigy all round freeride board feels right at home in just about any type of wind and water conditions.

Cabrinha Plasma 2010 Kiteboard

The Plasma design concept was to make a board that could be ridden in the threshold conditions of 10-12 knots.

Cabrinha Caliber 2010 Kiteboard

If you want to ride hard and fast with ultimate performance, the Caliber is calling your name.

Online Catalogue | Kiteboarding/Kitesurfing  | Kiteboard Kitesurf Boards | Cabrinha Kiteboards |  Cabrinha Kiteboards 2010