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Cabrinha Kiteboards 2012

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Cabrinha Transport Kiteboard 2012

Positioned directly between a surfboard and a race board, the Transport fills the popular freeride category with a high volume directional outline. The Transport satisfies the need to wander upwind or downwind over greater expanses of water. A place where neither a Raceboard, a twin tip or a surfboard would feel as comfortable. The Transport is made to track upwind in a hurry but really shines when pointed off the wind. The hybrid outline delivers maneuverability like a surfboard while providing the directional stability of a raceboard. This makes for a board with quick bursts of power and precise direction changes.

Cabrinha Raceboard 2012

Evidence of the incredible versatility of our sport is seen in the popularity rise in Course Racing. With the Cabrinha team dominating just about every event in 2011, we hit the ground running in 2012 with a fully dedicated course race board. The 2012 Race comes in 4 sizes to suit your size and wind conditions. The 178 for high wind chop. The 183 for flat water and light wind. The 188 comes in two widths both conforming to the IKA box ruling. We spare nothing when it comes to construction, material and quality. We know that the difference between the podium and the rest of the fleet is sometimes measured in fractions of a second.

Cabrinha S-Quad Surf Kiteboard 2012

The S-Quad is a high performance Quad (4) finned surfboard. This model is made to ride fast and hard strapped or unstrapped in a wide range of conditions. But when the surf is pumping and the winds are side / side offshore, this board feels right at home. The four fins make the S-Quad positive when pushing through high speed turns in larger waves. Yet the board is very loose when quickly transitioning from rail to rail in smaller waves. The S-Quad utilizes our exclusive cork sandwich layup. This eco friendly construction provides a light weight, durable alternative to PVC reinforcement while delivering a softer, flex.

Cabrinha Killet Surf Kiteboard 2012

The Skillit is our Freestyle / Surf model surfboard. These smaller wider designs like to be ridden strapless to advance your surfing beyond the traditional hit and run style of riding. The Skillit is excellent for throwing down strapless tricks or airs. Think of your beach break as a skate park and you’ll only be limited by your imagination. The Skillit utilizes our exclusive cork sandwich layup. This eco friendly construction provides a light weight, durable alternative to PVC reinforcement while delivering a softer, flex.

Cabrinha Pete Cabrinha Signiture Kiteboard 2012

The Pete Cabrinha signature model is a dedicated surfboard start to finish. Unlike most kiteboards, the PC signature model was reverse engineered having to prove itself first as a performance surfboard before entering the development phase as a kite board. Its polyester / PU construction provides the type of light weight performance flex used by 95 percent of the pros in surfing. The absence of foot straps makes this board perfect for an early morning surf AND an afternoon kite surf. This 5’10” quad shape makes for a loose and fast board in surf between 2 and 15 feet. Its custom cut EVA traction pad has a center arch and a rolled kick for positive back foot control.

Cabrinha Chopstick Kiteboard 2012

The Chopstick, as the name implies, is made to ride in rough choppy water or waves. The retro flip tips are combined with a modern construction to deliver the smoothest ride possible in choppy water. This makes the Chopstick the most user friendly and easy to ride twin tip available in our 2012 range.

Cabrinha Caliber Kiteboard 2012

When it comes to serious freestyle and freeriding the Caliber steps up to the plate. With its lower rocker line the Caliber planes quickly and is able to fly upwind. A huge asset when riding in less than favorable wind conditions as well as for staying in the defined competition area. The Caliber’s outline and flex pattern give the board incredible pop whether you are riding unhooked or hooked in. The new Caliber has extended the quad concave right through the center of the board to provide increased grip, and to diffuse the impact on the landings.

The Caliber is constructed with a Paulownia wood core, ABS side walls and carbon stringers, tip to tail. We’ve added composite foot patches for a more direct power transmission to the rail.

Cabrinha Custom Kiteboard 2012

As the sport of kitesurfing changes each year there are two things which hold their ground as the defining pillars of wakestyle. Andre Phillip and the Cabrinha Custom. The Custom has stayed true to its core as a no compromise wakestyle / freestyle board. This board’s best kept secret is this: The same features that make it perform at the highest level in wakestyle and freestyle are also the same features that make it a great freeride board especially in flat water with short period chop.

Cabrinha Wakeskate Kiteboard 2012

Jason Stone has emerged as the leader in Wakeskating. His unmatched wakeskate skills have pushed the boundaries of what is now possible on a wakeskate. In doing so, he has helped us to refine the wakeskate design around the unique forces involved in kite wake skating. The result is an easy to ride wakeskate with an ergonomic deck shape and a grippy bottom shape. The rocker provides excellent pop, even when riding in flat water, yet it easily tracks well upwind. The Wakeskate is made from a horizontal laminated wood core with ABS side walls and an EVA or Grip Tape deck pad.

Online Catalogue | Kiteboarding/Kitesurfing  | Kiteboard Kitesurf Boards | Cabrinha Kiteboards |  Cabrinha Kiteboards 2012