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Cabrinha Kiteboards 2013

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Cabrinha Subwoofer Kiteboard 2013

The Sub Woofer is a fun shape that excels in light wind and small waves. Its perfect for a larger rider or someone who wants to make the most of just about any type of surf conditions. Like all of our surfboards the Sub Woofer makes for a great travel board as it can be surfed when there is no wind and kite surfed when the wind fills in.

Cabrinha Pete Cabrinha Signiture Kiteboard 2013

The Pete Cabrinha’s 5’10 Signature Model headlines the full series of Signature Construction models. While the PC signature model is Pete’s personal favorite, all of the boards now come in the lighter weight Signature construction. The Signature construction is a pure surf construction without inserts or straps. Starting with a PU core with a stringer, the board is wrapped with light weight polyester glass and polyester resin. The result is light weight, lively board with a generous amount of flex and response. Identically suited for surfing and / or kite surfing.

Cabrinha S Quad Kiteboard 2013

The S Quad is a four (Quad) finned rocket. With a slightly more parallel rail line and quad fin arrangement the S Quad likes to be ridden fast and hard, Strapped or un-strapped. The S Quad can handle power. Whether its riding in large powerful surf or riding fast in small beach breaks, the S Quad can be put on a rail and pushed for immediate and powerful results. The S Quad is a surfboard that can handle riding a kite with a lot of power in your hands.

Cabrinha Trigger Kiteboard 2013

The Trigger is our classic three fin (Thruster) design. The Trigger likes to be ridden with less kite allowing you to generate your own power through rail to rail pumps. The Trigger is great for going vertical and making tight snaps in the pocket. Its curvy outline, pulled in tail and three fins create the perfect balance between speed and control.

Cabrinha Skillet Kiteboard 2013

The Skillit is our Freestyle / Surf model surfboard. Made for taking your surfing out of the traditional down the line mode, and into the new era of above the lip surfing. The Skillit features a progressive double concave deck that cradles your feet when surfing without straps. The concave keeps your feet firmly connected whether you are hitting the lip or punting airs.

Cabrinha Spectrum Kiteboard 2013

The Spectrum is a Universal Ride model which means that it can perform in any and all conditions suited for twin tips. The Spectrum implements many of the construction techniques and material often found in more expensive models. Features such as: Pauwlonia wood core for strength and rebound. Urethane side wall construction. The Spectrum is a progression model which means that it has the performance ability to keep up with your riding level as you progress.

Cabrinha Stylus Kiteboard 2013

The Stylus is Made to perform in the fickle conditions known as threshold winds. Threshold winds are generally thermal breezes with wind speeds just strong enough to fly a kite. The flat rocker line and extra wide outline make the most of these less than ideal wind conditions. In many cases the Stylus twin tip will be the difference between sitting on the beach or getting a full kiteboarding session.

Cabrinha Tronic Kiteboard 2013

The Tronic is a bridge model between the X Caliber and the Custom. The Tronic balances the design elements perfectly to create an all round performance freestyle board that rides well in steep chop and delivers speed and pop on demand. The Tronic can be taken into the surf and thrown on edge for tight, fan throwing carves. Our new 3D base is covered in tough and resilient P-Tex base for added durability.

Cabrinha Custom Kiteboard 2013

In the ever growing wakestyle arena there are two things that stand as symbols of the movement, Andre Phillip and the Cabrinha Custom. The all new Andre Phillip Custom model has a new tip and tail shape that delivers more grip on the water while being more unrestricted on sliders. The Custom has a clean ride in any type of water conditions but it is hard to find a better board for extreme chop than the Custom. The generous rocker line makes the Custom insanely fun in small surf or on kickers. This board is an exercise in minimal design. Keeping the lines and aesthetic true to the core of wakestyle.

Cabrinha XO Kiteboard 2013

The XO Siren model is inspired by none other than the one and only Susi Mai. As a leader in performance riding and a role model for many, it was an easy task to create a board suited to her needs and the needs of the growing population of women in kiteboarding. Our approach to developing the XO was to start from scratch and engineer this board from the ground up. The result is a performance freestyle model with a soft / responsive flex. Details like appropriate sizes and widths, narrower stance options and lighter weights all make this board the ideal choice for women of all levels.

Cabrinha XCaliber Kiteboard 2013

The X Caliber is our competition Freestyle twin tip. What makes this board so incredible for competition freestyle is its unmatched speed and pop. The X Caliber has kept its rocker line down to a fast responsive curve for explosive bursts of speed and excellent upwind skills. To compensate for a low rocker line we’ve engineered the flex to A PRO LEVEL FOR MASSIVE POP.

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Online Catalogue | Kiteboarding/Kitesurfing  | Kiteboard Kitesurf Boards | Cabrinha Kiteboards |  Cabrinha Kiteboards 2013