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Crazyfly Raptor Pro 2010 Kiteboard

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Crazy Fly Raptor Pro Kiteboard 2010

This is the board of choice for riders demanding the most from their equipment and aiming to push kiteboarding to the limit.

The new Raptor 2010 line continues to develop in the best direction. The Raptor became one of a kind as the Research & Development team got their job done. Close cooperation with many riders from all around the world brought the desired and once again astonishing results.

The 2010 Raptor builds up on the great performance of a really good balance of stiffness and flex with amazing pop for both comfortable and aggressive riding. In the development of the 2010 Raptor , Crazy-Fly focused on many important aspects to improve the overall riding performance of the board. Improved rocker line, progressive flex tips, shock absorbing system, new Quick Fix system II, and new straps are the most significant results of our developments for the Raptor 2010. The main advantage of the Raptor board is that you can use it for all new school freestyle tricks as well as for an aggressive freeride.

Finding the right balance between stiffness and flex, Crazy-Fly have created the progressive flex tips II technology, and brought the pop to the top. Meaning that the shock absorbing system, progressive flex tips II, enhanced pop, and the newly shaped tip’s outline, makes the take offs easier and the landings much softer, preventing your knees from pain.

Special 3D effect color changes colors like a chameleon from red to green, which makes the design very eye catching. The UV stabile top sheet foils assure that the design will maintain its looks even after direct tropic sunrays heat up the board.

Crazy-Fly have implemented new faster scoop rocker line and a slightly concaved bottom to make the 2010 Raptor faster and to improve its upwind abilities. To make every CrazyFly board more personalized, with the new super lightweight dual density EVA pads we included the option of adjusting the stance angle, so everybody is now able to adjust the stance angle to match all the preferences.

The Crazy-Fly Raptor 2010 still remains one of the few boards on the market build with full Nano Carbon construction in series production. The new CNC shaped Wood Tech Core II makes the board one of the lightest in the world. CNC shaped and hand fine finished 3 Dimensional ABS rails in combination with carbon layers and Wood Tech Core II are the heart of this unique board. The Crazy-Fly Raptor 2010 comes with Quick Fix straps, handle and G 10 fins, which match the design of the board.

It is very flexible but still aggressive enough. The New Shock Absorbing System offers a smooth and cool ride and you will be surprised with its unique flex and pop in performance riding guaranteed by Crazy-Fly's exclusive wood construction system with 4 axis composite. The Concave shaped bottom increases directional stability and offers top carving abilities.

The 2010 Raptor shape has an improved rocker line to make the board faster and enhance the upwind ability of the board. CrazyFly's unique tail shape helps the rider to load up an edge for higher jumps and better tricks. Concaved bottom is one of the main characteristics of the shape of CrazyFly kiteboards. The board is more stable in carves, easy to switch and rides smoothly.

Heavily focusing on the pads, straps, fins and grab handle to improve its riding properties and to make the mounting even easier and faster to fit all personal preferences. Super light weight dual density EVA pro pads are very durable and don’t get worn out easily. You can adjust the stance angle to fit your personal preference.

Comfort and quality of the EVA pads prevent your knees from any pain even after a long ride. Crazy-Fly have put on a toe step and a heel locker on the pads, so your feet always stay in the right position and enable the rider to fully control the board with ease.

Brand new 2010 straps are lighter and more comfortable than ever before due to improved Quick Fix system II which makes the adjustments of the straps very simple and fast. New carbon grab handle, which is stiff and light and G10 fins with a very thin profile in order to prevent drag make this the perfect board in all conditions.

127cm x 38cm (2.3kg)

127cm x 40cm (2.4kg)

132cm x 39cm (2.4kg)

132cm x 41cm (2.5kg)

132cm x 43cm (2.6kg)

137cm x 41cm (2.6kg)

137cm x 43cm (2.7kg)

Full Carbon Outer Layer
Wood Tech Core
3D ABS Rails
3D Board Pads
G-10 Fins
Adjustable Asymmetric Footstraps
Grab handle


Flex - Medium

Footstraps - Quickfix

Pads - Procontour C

Fins - G10 - 5cm

Core - Wood Tech II

Construction: Nano Carbon

Bottom Shape: Concave

Scoop Rocker: Speed

Riding Style: Freestyle / Freeride

Wind Range: 8 - 35 knots

Price include footstraps and fins

Crazyfly Raptor Pro 2010 Kitesurf KiteboardCrazyfly Raptor Pro 2010 Kitesurf Kiteboard
Board info as above!

Price: 449.00 (Including VAT at 20%)


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