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Crazyfly Rocky Chatwell Pro 2010 Kiteboard

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Crazy Fly Pro Rider Rocky Chatwell Kiteboard 2010

CrazyFly Pro Limited Edition was created and shaped by Pro Rider Rocky Chatwell. For those who beg to feel what it takes to land those new school moves or let the kite load till their legs begin to quiver. Its time to take a ride on a board that brings out your pro side!

The Rocky Chatwell Pro Limited Edition combines the shaping and construction to withstand the demands of a pro rider, yet give the light feel as though there's nothing but air under your feet.

Tuning the “good stuff” up even more with the wider stance option, which pro freestyle riders enjoy so much and enabling the rider to adjust the stance angle in a few seconds, Rocky’s board continues to be tip top real Pro quality.

CrazyFly new super lightweight dual density pads conceptualize the next level of comfort, and prevent your knees from pain even after landing the highest jumps. Special tail outline developed with Rocky allows the rider to load up and edge when performing difficult jumps and tricks.

Progressive flex tips and new shock absorbing system provide the softest landings and ease the ride ability in choppy waters. CrazyFly’s hand fine finished 3 Dimensional ABS rails and concaved bottom are the reasons for aggressive carving in sharp turns and speed on the straight-aways.

CrazyFly’s 2010 Rocky Chatwell Pro Limited Edition comes with Quick Fix strap system and G 10 design matching fins.

What may seem surprising for some people is a must for us. Meaning that CrazyFly’s Rocky Chatwell Pro limited edition board used by Rocky in PKRA is exactly the same as in our series production. Crazy-Fly assure you that what you see in Rocky’s hands is what you get in stores. CrazyFly is one of the few brands to give its Pro riders boards from series production, not custom made. This free style competition board is selected for pro riders and highly experienced riders and it demands advanced skills. As CrazyFly have heard from many people Rocky’s board is the best for the best.

Slightly modified lay-up from the Raptor Pro, this board provides that next step of load to pop transition needed to rocket you into the air by direct board to tip loading. The slightly straighter outline brings the rail under control in high kite loading situations on an upwind line. The lower centre rocker gives the rider that no drag feel at high speeds.

Brand new tail outline allows the rider to load up an edge when performing jumps which Rocky has been enjoying very much. This board has great pop and makes the landings so soft. CNC shaped and hand fine finished 3Dimensional ABS rails in combination with carbon layers create a torsion box, with high torsional stiffness.

This is the board of choice for riders demanding the most from their equipment and aiming to push kiteboarding to the limit.

The boards are designed with a small concave which results in more grip, in combination with the asymmetrical G-10 fins giving more stability in the water resulting in easy upwind riding with user-friendliness.

The Rocky Chatwell Pro is built with Wood Tech Core II inside and using Nano Fiber Carbon Technology. The board also has an improved rocker line for reaching earlier planing, maximum speed and perfect upwind cutting of water.

It is very flexible but still aggressive enough. The New Shock Absorbing System offers a smooth and cool ride and you will be surprised with its unique flex and pop in performance riding guaranteed by Crazy-Fly's exclusive wood construction system with 4 axis composite. The Concave shaped bottom increases directional stability and offers top carving abilities.

Given Rocky's Chatwell's high energy style of riding, throwing the latest in kite-loop handle pass moves is all about having the right board!

Available in 3 Lengths:

125cm x 41cm (2.4kg)
130cm x 40cm (2.4kg)
134cm x 41cm (2.6kg)

Full Carbon Outer Layer
Wood Tech Core
3D ABS Rails
3D Board Pads
G-10 Fins
Adjustable Asymmetric Footstraps


Flex - Very Stiff

Footstraps - Quickfix

Pads - Procontour C

Fins - G10 - 5cm

Core - Wood Tech II

Construction: Nano Carbon

Bottom Shape: Concave

Scoop Rocker: Speed

Riding Style: Freestyle

Wind Range: 8 - 35 knots

Price include footstraps and fins

Crazyfly Rocky Chatwell Pro 2010 KiteboardCrazyfly Rocky Chatwell Pro 2010 Kiteboard
Board info as above!

Price: 528.00 (Including VAT at 20%)


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