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Juice Evolution Kiteboard

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Juice Evolution Kiteboard Overview

Welcome to the Juice Evolution. As the name suggest this multi-discipline twin tip series is an evolution of 10 years worth of knowledge and experience dating back to the very beginnings of the sport.

Making a board that appeals to all riders is not the easiest of tasks, but we feel that a truly exceptional board should do nothing less. Whether you are taking your first nervous steps in the sport or loading up to critical bite levels as an expert, the evolution has been tuned to win your trust.

It's our opinion that your board should be responsible for cutting through the background white noise of your session, bringing you only the feedback that is constructive to your technique. The aim is to free up your concentration, forgiving minor mistakes and brushing off the inconsistencies of challenging conditions to leave you free to concentrate on riding. If you don't have to manhandle your board, the extra concentration it releases can be put to far better use elsewhere. In addition the board needs to achieve what the rider demands, and in this the Evolution will take all you care to throw at it. From the most aggressive styles to the most inclement conditions, there is a wealth of technology, history and prototyping to make sure that it both encourages progression and never holds back aggression.

We don't claim that the Evolution is the best board in the world, for that would be wildly arrogant, but it may well be the best board in the world for you.

The Evolution comes in three sizes and three different flex patterns, all specifically aimed at different sized riders. Width is key; it is the absolute measure of a board's size, for length tells very little to the seasoned rider. Whilst there are overlaps for riders who kite with extremely low and high power usage, we offer the following guide.

130x40 - ideal weight range under 73kg
132x42 - ideal weight range 73-85kg
134x44 - ideal weight range over 85kg

Juice Evolution
Juice Evolution Kiteboard Juice Evolution Kiteboard

Price: 349.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

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