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F-One TX 3 2010 Kiteboard

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F-One TX 3 Kiteboard 2010

Based on the Trax Kiteboard, the F-One TX 3 is the most versatile board in the F-One Kiteboard range and is the best all round board. The F-One TX 3 Kiteboard is light, quick to plane and very stable, making it a perfect high performance board for freeride and freestyle riding in all conditions.

With a very similar construction to the Trax Kiteboard, the F-One TX 3 Kiteboard features a concave base (but without the channels) creating a smooth ride with increased upwind performance. Direct Drive Technology provides active flex that works with the rider to give a dynamic ride capable of responding accordingly to different riding conditions.

The F-One TX 3 Kiteboard is equipped with the new 3D moulded Platinum Pads & Straps for the best comfort possible and the new Strap Lock 2 system for super easy board setup. A true all-rounder the F-One TX 3 Kiteboard is perfect as a single quiver board offering well balanced performance in all conditions for any intermediate or advanced rider.

Simple Concave: smoothes out the chop and improves grip, increasing upwind drive.
Fibreglass Direct Drive: the TX 3 uses a 100% wood core with a 100% fibreglass envelop, creating a very precise board that reacts to rider input and riding conditions.
Dynamic Flex: the board is no longer passive. It works with the rider. The rider no longer suffers from the uneven surface of the water. The results: less effort on the legs in chop, with better control.
ABS Inverted Rail: a rail with an inverted profile creates a smoother interface with water. The ride is more progressive and the board reacts more smoothly to rider input.
Wood Core: the flex, the dynamic response and the shock and vibration absorption provided by a wood core are unique and unequalled. The key to F-One's Direct Drive technology is the super thin board construction, only made possible by the use of a wood core.
Strap Lock: the straplock allows a perfect footstrap setup with multiple positions possible and maintains the strap at an optimal angle for more comfort and better foot support. Combined with the detachable bolt through foot pads, setting up the board is kids play.
Complete package includes board with...

Fins: 4x 2.0 inch G10 low profile.
Pro Platinum Footpads: bolt through design with plush dual density foam.
Straplock Footstraps: wide asymmetrical with velcro adjustment and unique straplock mechanism for easy attachment.
Board Handle: rigid logo handle.
Full stainless hardware.
Sizing options...

F-One TX 3 Kiteboard 134cm x 39cm
F-One TX 3 Kiteboard 136cm x 40cm

F-One TX 3 Kitesurf Kiteboard 2010F-One TX 3 Kitesurf Kiteboard 2010
Board info as above!

Price: 559.99 (Including VAT at 20%)

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