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F-One Trax 5 Kiteboard 2010

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F-One Trax 5 Kiteboard 2010

Since its creation, the TRAX has always been F-ONE most technologically advanced board. For 2010, we have focused on the twist and flex control using a 3D carbon cross in the upper layer: the Twist Carbon Control was born. The TRAX5 does all the work for you as it absorbs all vibrations instead of passing it on your legs. It has an unbelievable directional stability and an astonishing precision when edging. Its 3D bottom shape, composed of a double concave shape, lateral V and channels makes the TRAX5 our fastest board. It also allows us to use a higher scoop for greater comfort and carving. The TRAX5 is a successful mix of technology and performance. It combines the speed and precision one can expect from any top of the line board. The TRAX5 is made for all those riders who need a competitive board for freestyle, riding in any conditions and great pop to launch big airs.

Direct Drive refers to a board with minimum thickness, with 100% wood core and 100% fiberglass envelop.

These elements are interrelated and create a coherent set answering the requirement of a high performances kiteboard. With the Direct Drive we can obtain a very precise board, quick and active as it is able to erase the chops absorbs the energy and able to restitute all that in the best of timing.

The feeling of riding in direct contact with the water is even greater, and the manufacturing quality is optimal.

Combining a concave in the bottom part and a channel straightening the middle, the Trax III gets instant planing, with huge upwind potential.

The concave absorbs the chops and improves the grip. The tip channel enhances the water flow exit, and relieves pressure on the back foot, bringing an incomparable comfort.

The core is the soul of the board; it is the key to the DIRECT DRIVE technology. Impossible to manufacture boards this thin 11mm in the center and only 3mm at the tips, without the help of wood core.

The flex, the dynamic response and the chocks and vibrations absorption provided by the wood core are unique and unequalled.

We tried to get a contact on the water more progressive and more constant.
We obtained an inverted profile rail.

The board works for you and with you. You don’t suffer from the uneven surface of the water. The results: less effort on your legs, better aim control and better sensations.

Since 2002 thanks to the Direct Drive technology we control the flex of our boards. For the Trax5 with the "Twist Carbon Control" we have improve the confort and performances. It stabelizes the board and gives a clean and easy tracking. It’s not just a carbon cross added on the board, but a real 3D wooden CNC volume. The wood core is in one part.

The new lateral V gives a free feeling while keeping the board on track and under control to go fast or throw high jumps.

- Pads Pro Platinium 2010
- Straps ergo with Straplock II for an optimal setup
- 4 fins G10 5cm with Leash Bar
- Handle STD

132 x 38
134 x 39
136 x 40
138 x 41

F-One Trax 5 2010 KiteboardF-One Trax 5 2010 Kiteboard
Kiteboard information as above! Hit more ifo for bigger picture!

Price: 649.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

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Online Catalogue | Kiteboarding/Kitesurfing  | Kiteboard Kitesurf Boards | F-One Kiteboards | F - One Kiteboards 2010 |  F-One Trax 5 Kiteboard 2010