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F - One Kiteboards 2012

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F-One Surf Kitesurf Kiteboard 2012

For paddling surf, strapless kitesurfing or strapped kiteboarding, these two boards will adapt to the conditions of wind or waves you will face. For a wave trip, if you must take only one board, it is one of these two boards that will accompany you.

The 6'2": Mitu choice since its addition in the range, and he will use it again in 2012!. Its volume oriented to surf allows the use of a smaller kite size and doing the most daring transitions and hits at low speed.

F-One Signiture Kitesurf Surfboard 2012

Radical innovation here, 100% new shapes, two boards that represent the culmination of 15 years of R&D on kite boards dedicated to wave riding.
By giving up some surf principles for creating kite specifics, they are no longer surfboards tweaked for kite use, but real surfboards developed specifically for having a kite in your hands, whatever the conditions.
Because a kitesurfer does not need a lot of volume to take off - as opposed to a paddle surfer - the volume distribution was optimized through a unique new shape: an inverted concave deck. It allows to both lower the center of gravity and to increase the control by reducing the thickness of the board under the front leg, without affecting the profiles of the rails. The result is a significant gain of control in your turns. The inverted concave deck allows the use of pads twice as thick under your front legs to further enhance comfort.

F-One Fish Kitesurf Surfboard 2012

Difficult to change a shape that worked so well in light wind and small waves! Its perfect rocker gives our Fish boards their incredible early planning ability and their maneuverability which remains unchanged. We worked on the outline with very slight modifications. Our goal was to facilitate entry into fast carves with an ever faster exit. A wider nose gave us that result. Easier during your turns, our FISH also gained in stability with a more natural drive, less technical.
Available in two sizes, these two Fish offer the same program; oriented toward light wind and small waves. We recommend the 5'4 below 80kg, the 5'6 above.

F-One Rookies Kitesurfing Kiteboard 2012

The New F-One Rookie 2012 Kids Kitesurfing board from F-One kites. How impressive it is to witness the growing number of young riders at our spots! Their morphology being different from that of adults, they deserve a specific board…

With that in mind and after conducting tests with riders from 12 to 13 years old, we have picked a board of 128cm long and 36cm wide as the best possible size suitable for youngsters between 35 to 50 kg (75 to 110 lbs). And So the F-One Rookie was born…

Size is not the only specific characteristic: the scoop and general outline has been optimized for their physical strength; the ease of going upwind builds confidence during the first sessions.

The F-One Rookie kitesurfing boards flex has been adjusted to their weight and to produce a lighter board.

The star rider of tomorrow can progress quickly by taking advantage of our experience in boards development. And F-One have delivered… The F-One Rookie 2012…

F-One SK8 Kitesurfing Kiteboard 2012

This board has always been a real standout in high wind situation and two aspects have been improved for the 2012 version. Its early planning ability has been improved, thanks to a new shape, with reduced drag as well as greater carving performance with the addition this year of the Twist Control technology. As a result, the SK8 is more flexible with added liveliness, all this without added weight.

F-One Acid Kitesurfing Kiteboard 2012

THE New School Freestyle board of the range. In 2012 the Acid has a new shape. a double concave blended to a V that is progressive longitudinally and a new rocker. We've kept the Twist Control to better control the board torsion. Ultimately, a gain in pop and a more tolerant board during your landing when riding with your kite low.

F-One TX 5 kitesurfing Kiteboard 2012

After several years of evolution, we agreed to not greatly change a shape that blends great performance, comfort and ease of use. Only a size variation has been added to the mix with a 132x38 added to its range.
The 132x38 is a "small" board, either for a small rider or for a bigger one looking for a board to use in strong wind. She replaces the Trax 6 that offered the same size in 2011 and has gained a more concave/channel type base.

F-One Trax 7 Kitesurfing Kiteboard 2012

The F-One Trax 7 (VII) 2012 brings outstanding planing and tremendous comfort in high wind conditions. With unmatched upwind ability, acceleration is continuous yet remains controllable in any circumstance. The F-One Trax 7 does all the work for you as it absorbs all vibrations instead of passing it onto your legs. It has unbelievable directional stability and an astonishing precision when edging. It's 3D bottom shape, composed of a double concave shape, lateral V and channels makes the Trax (VII) F-One's fastest board. It also allows us for a higher scoop for greater comfort and carving.

Online Catalogue | Kiteboarding/Kitesurfing  | Kiteboard Kitesurf Boards | F-One Kiteboards |  F - One Kiteboards 2012