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F - One Kiteboards 2013

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F - One Surf 5'11 Kitesurf Board 2013

Using all our experience in the design of kitesurf boards, we have designed this new model 5'11'' to make the discipline even more accessible.
Its optimized design with Bamboo Deck, coupled with an easy and intuitive shape make it a perfect board to start surfing as well as an excellent strapless board for more experienced riders.
The 5'11'' has a very easy and natural feel when initiating turns and provides quick response and a true surf feel.
With slightly more volume than the boards of the full bamboo range, the new 5'11'' is more forgiving. Its rocker and single concave bottom ensure early planing and reassuring control at speed.
Its dimensions provide enough volume to smooth the learning of strapless riding and allows more experienced riders to try new tricks.

F - One Fish Kitesurf Board 2013

Difficult to change a shape that worked so well in light wind and small waves.The straight rocker provides an early planning ability and the round outline the surfing maneuverability you need in small waves. This successful combo have helped the Fish become a rider's favorite for the past three years.
Our goal was to facilitate the entry into fast curbs and exit even faster. A wider nose gave us that result. Easier during your turns, the Fish's also gained in stability with a more natural drive, being less technical. Strapless, the feeling is closer to a skimboard.
New for 2013 is the addition of a 5'10'' x 54 cm. We are pushing even farther the Fish concept so a bigger rider can also enjoy light wind and small waves. More forgiving, its length and width allows to more easily learn tricks.
Available in three sizes, these Fish's offer the same program; oriented toward light wind and small waves. We recommend the 5'4'' if you are under 155 lbs, the 5'6'' if you are between 155 and 180 lbs; and the 5'10'' if you are above 180 lbs.

F - One Surf Kitesurf Board 2013

In pure surf, strapless or strapped kitesurfing, these boards are extremely versatile and will adapt to all the conditions of wind and waves you will face. For a surfing trip, if you were to take only one board, it is one of those two you will need !
The 6'2'' is Mitu Monteiro's board of choice since it first came out, and has been improved every year based on his feedback. The board has evolved to better follow the evolution of the discipline. Close to a surf, its volume in the front section of the board allows the boldest transitions. Mitu is proof that this style of shape and size is the best compromise for strapless riding, whether for tricks or surfing in all types of waves, from your home spot to Lavanono.
The last generation had undergone a slight modification of its rocker, the addition of a V bottom, and a wider nose. The objective was to gain in stability when slashing turns and improve the passage from rail to rail. We also gained in overall liveliness, whether in pure surfing, strapped or strapless kitesurfing.
The 6'4'' remains unchanged. She will be more accessible in pure surfing during take-off. Its width will provide an edge in light wind and its natural upwind ability means you will be the first to reach the peak, and often alone...

F - One Signiture Kitesurf Board 2013

In 2012, there were major innovations on those two boards with a brand new shape for a pure kite surfing program in any wave conditions. For 2013, those two boards receive some technical improvements that make them truly exceptional.
Because a kitesurfer does not need volume to take off, the volume repartition was optimized with a curved in concave deck.It allows both to lower the center of gravity, increase the control by reducing the thickness of the board under the front leg without affecting the profiles and thickness of the rails.The result is a significant gain in controlling your turns.
The concave deck allows the use of a thicker pad, twice as thick, that greatly improves the comfort.The bottom shape is made of a V with double concave and an ultra progressive rocker. The board turns on a dime yet holds its edge during aggressive bottom and radical turns in the waves. The Rail to rail is faster and the comfort has been improved.
The 2013 « Signature » models offer a lot of control while maintaining your speed.Their behavior is predictable and their stability in radical surfing will make you forget the board so you can concentrate on the waves.
Set up as a quad with the rear strap further back, they allow radical surfing whatever the conditions.With four fins, you will be able to adapt your turning radius to tight, fast or slashed.

F - One Next Kiteboard 2013

In sizes 138 x 40 cm / 140 x 42 cm.
The NEXT is the ultimate freeride board. Comfortable, tolerant when edging, it offers a quick early planning and keeps a good average speed.
With a focus on control, access, and its ability to go upwind, it's a great pick for freeriders as well as beginners.

In sizes 145 x 42 cm / 150 x 48 cm.
The bigger sizes are light wind oriented. Great for planning early, you'll be the first on the water!

F - One SK8 Kiteboard 2013

The SK8 is a «Classic» on the market in terms of comfort and carving. Its sleek shape combined with a single concave and the twist control delivers performance, flexibility, comfort and lightness. From rail to rail, it is effective and playful, gentle and comfortable during landings.
With an early planning, the SK8 is also remarkably at ease in 35 + knots and can pass through heavy chop effortlessly, and slash some waves too. The comfort of the SK8 is exceptional !

F - One Acid Kiteboard 2013

The ACID is the New School Freestyle board of our range.
To meet the requirements of today's freestyle, our engineers have altered the choice of materials: a new type of wood is used for its core to enhance the impact zones and better absorb shocks while maintaining an optimum weight.
Combining the twist control to a double concave and V bottom gives the board all the qualities to be expected of a great freestyle board: flex, pop, control and strength. We have reduced the V to better control the speed.
The ACID is at its best for low kite moves and is forgiving during landing, even on non-flat spot. Light and lively under your feet, incisive, the ACID is compact and will put you in confidence to start new tricks.
New for 2013 a new size in 134 x 42 cm wide ! This year, we have also refined the 127 x 37 cm. We have given this size more flex to better fit shorter riders and women.

F - One TX Kiteboard 2013

The research and development team at F-ONE has decided to retain the shape of the TX 2012 because it perfectly combines performance, comfort and accessibility.
Benefiting from technologies developed for the TRAX, it is intended for riders who want versatility with performance and accessibility.
Its single concave bottom combined with side channels provides a quick early planing, directional stability and excellent ability to pass through choppy waters.
The lateral V helps with edging and makes it more tolerant in passing the chop.
The TX 6 is a playful freeride board. It provides an intuitive navigation with great versatility. It will even surprise the best freestylers!

F- One Trax Lightwind Kiteboard 2013

Big Sister of the TRAX, designed for light wind, the TRAX LW has a unique shape that has not been modified to maintain all of its qualities, its general performance, and especially its formidable planning start.
The modifications we made for 2013 are almost invisible and yet highly efficient.
The efficiency of its shape is the result of a double concave with lateral steps which facilitate edging, acceleration, and smooth landing.The lateral steps brings stability and comfort, while the Twist Carbon Control optimizes the flex and the overall torsion of the board.
The board is at its best in light wind conditions, even with its size, and fits all riders. The board is easy to ride playful and easy to control in medium wind conditions.

F - One Trax 8 Kiteboard 2013

The TRAX has always been the backbone of the F-ONE boards range. True laboratory for the development of our entire range, the TRAX 8 is once again at the forefront of innovation with a focus on what we do best, both in terms of design and technology. Its double concave V-shape which varies in its length and allows a very early planning and an excellent ratio up wind / speed.
The ideal curve of its rocker makes it a highly versatile and high performance board. The TRAX 8 adapts to all conditions.

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