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F - One Stand Up Paddleboards

Online Catalogue | Stand Up Paddleboarding / SUP |  F - One Stand Up Paddleboards

F - One Race Stand Up Paddleboard

We have jointly prepared a detailed list of specifications for this model: speed on flat water, upwind speed in choppy water, crosswind stability, surfing waves during downwind, easiness in changing direction rounding buoys and even surfing.

F - One Anakao Stand Up Paddleboard

Carving and acceleration are amazing and vertical turns are easier to perform. The Anakao is setup as a thruster with a 4.5' central fin, similar to a standard short board.

F - One Madeiro Stand Up Paddleboard

Designed for acceleration and maneuvers in smaller surf, these high performance boards developed with Remi Quique, offer the closest sensation of a true short board. All the volume distribution has been optimized to achieve stability and efficiency within the minimum amount of length and width possible. The new beveled rail shape is a significant innovation which allows the finesse and control of a surfboard in a Stand Up Paddle board. These are high performance wave boards for high performance wave riders.

F - One Manawa Stand Up Paddleboard

Double Bamboo Construction Stand Up Paddleboard

F - One Matira Inflatable Stand Up Paddleboard

Equipped with soft front fins and a removable and more rigid rear fin.

The full potential of the “Inflatable” technology is on display with this size board - where other rigid boards become very heavy once you exceed a certain volume, the inflatable stays light!

This board is 6 inches thick, which provides a good sized volume, ideal for beginners or bigger riders. Solo or in tandem, the 10’6’’ is indestructible and can take a beating.

Ideal to learn on and for casual rides it’s surprisingly rigid, stable and fast - you will be able to catch your first waves with ease.

Comes with Pump & Bag

Online Catalogue | Stand Up Paddleboarding / SUP |  F - One Stand Up Paddleboards