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Flexifoil Anarchist Pro 2010

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Flexifoil Anarchist Pro Kiteboard

Bend the rules, break convention and be different with the Anarchist and Anarchist Pro from Flexifoil. Optimised for the casual rider with a view to free-riding, the Anarchist and Pro are designed to be controllable through the waves to give a comfortable, strong ride with predictable characteristics.

Thanks to the Anarchist’s unique shape, precise fin positioning and flip tips, this board will offer the very best ability to carve through the waves and recreate that surfing feel so for the more casual, easy riding option you can’t go wrong with the Anarchist. Available in two flex characteristics, with the Pro offering a much stiffer board, the Anarchist offers the ideal setup for light or heavy riders.

The Anarchist is all about going anywhere and trying everything. Never say Never. Anything is possible!

Unique Shape Suited to Purpose
The unique shape of the Anarchist is designed to offer exceptional ability to carve through the water and offer solid wave riding potential. Fin positioning has been perfected to create a very positive driving turn, making it ideal for those riders looking for a surfing feel. A wide centre makes the Anarchist very quick to get up on the plane, with the critical mid-section identical to the Flexifoil Hooligan, designed for both speed and upwind tracking.

Polonia Core
The Anarchist takes advantage of a Polonia wood core to increase performance and durability. This particular wood is very light, extremely stable and doesn’t absorb water or shrink when wet, allowing the board to retain its high performance standards time after time.
The way in which we manufacture the Polonia core is also optimised for performance. With the Anarchist, we’ve laid up the wood as a vertical laminate so the core takes all the stress forces and not the glue. This means we get to use the flex properties of the wood and not the flex properties of the glue.
Polonia is also a great commitment to the environment. This fast growing wood grows rapidly meaning plantations can be easily replenished.

Fiberglass Protection
All Flexifoil boards use a bi-directional weave glass chosen to suit the board’s flex characteristics and to prevent adding unnecessary weight. The bi-directional Fiberglass has equal sized fibres running in both the warp and weft directions giving the board a super tough shell

Beautifully Crafted
Our graphic design manufacturing process uses the very highest quality materials and printing techniques to offer maximum resilience to impacts, abrasions, tears, weather and even hydrocarbons. With all Flexifoil boards you’re guaranteed long-lasting surface protection with unmatched optical clarity. Our boards don’t just look good, they stay looking good.

ABS Tips, Tails and Side Walls
All Flexifoil boards feature an ABS sidewall to create fantastic shock absorption and impact resistant properties. You can batter our boards on the water without fear of cracking or splitting like the plastics used on other boards.
The ABS sidewalls have been perfectly crafted to suit the board’s use, with a different shape crafted around the tips and the centre reflecting the board’s different performance characteristics around these areas.

Premium Manufacturing and Quality Control
All Flexifoil boards are built under strict Swiss manufacturing standards using high grade European materials, they are then thoroughly checked and tested to ensure that they become nothing short of bombproof.
Our Polonia cores are CNC’d for incredible accuracy, as well as our Stainless Steel inserts, which are made from one piece, not welded together, to provide a much stronger and safer option.

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Flexifoil Anarchist Pro Kiteboard 2010Flexifoil Anarchist Pro Kiteboard 2010
Kiteboard details as above. WAS £479 NOW 350 !

Price: 350.00 (Including VAT at 20%)


Online Catalogue | Kiteboarding/Kitesurfing  | Kiteboard Kitesurf Boards | Flexifoil Kiteboards | Flexifoil Kiteboards 2010 |  Flexifoil Anarchist Pro 2010