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Flexifoil Storm Chaser Kitesurf Kite 2012

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Flexifoil Strom Chaser 2012 Overview

In howling winds, blackened skies and crashing waves some people go home. Some people cower in their vans. Some people wait for lighter conditions, for calmer conditions. Others are brave. Fearless. They take out their pumps, set up their kites and pluck up their courage. For those amongst you, we present, the Flexifoil Stormchaser.

For those who are about to ride, we salute you!

Developed for precision flying and high wind kitesurfing, the Flexifoil Stormchaser is the very best high wind kitesurfing kite available. The Flexifoil Stormchaser takes high wind kiting performance to breaking new levels, and with Flexifoil’s current construction standards, the Stormchaser guarantees the durability, quality and power that you need to rip on those high wind days and that only a Flexifoil kite can provide.

6 Strut Layout Pattern
The centre of your kite is the most important area for power generation. The use of 6 struts keeps the central aerofoil top-surface clean to create power with maximum efficiency, all the more important for high wind kitesurfing. This design also improves turning sections of the kite,helping to improve the feedback you get from the bar with a more direct feel - this direct feel enables you to instinctively feel how the kite is reacting and where it is in the sky.
All this means you'll not only be powered in high winds, but you?ll feel safe, secure and in control too.

Optimised Leading Edge Tube
A stiff leading edge leads to increased structural stability whilst retaining aerodynamic efficiency, removing any sign of deformation in the kite canopy giving better gust control and a direct, solid feel.

Refined Aerofoil Shape
With an optimised centre section, the Stormchaser has great upwind performance and a solid drive throughout the turn to produce the constant pull required for predictable, controlled and safe kite loops even in high winds.

Simplified Bridle System
The Stormchaser?s simple bridle system lessens drag, reduces chance of tangling and creates a faster drive through the turn.

Multiple Front & Rear Tow Point Connections.
Customisation to different riding styles is all the more important when kitesurfing in high winds, to give you a kite you have the confidence in to ride hard and secure for a full session. With multiple tow point connections, the Stormchaser allows you to tune your kite in areas of turn speed, bar pressure, where the kite sits in the window and alter the levels of grunt, pop and upwind ability. Whatever your discipline and whatever your conditions, the Stormchaser will give you solid, maximum performance.

Anti Flutter Trailing Edge Batons
In higher winds, the opportunity for flight efficiency to be altered through fluttering in the canopy heightens. With its Anti-Flutter Trailing Edge Batons, the Stormchaser uses Dacron® reinforced structures sewn into the trailing edge to reduce drag, provide increased turning speed and maximise efficiency in high-winds.

+ Construction features

Teijin T9600 technology
All canopies of water kites in the current Flexifoil range are constructed from world renowned Japanese milled Teijin T9600 material to give you the peace of mind of a durable, long lasting fabric with the best available coating and optimal UV resistance. For extreme kiting in high wind, you need an extreme material!

110 micron TPU Bladders
Flexifoil uses 110micron TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) bladders (as opposed to the standard 90 micron) giving you the peace of mind of having a more puncture resistant and durable bladder.

Reinforced Dacron® 175 Leading Edge Tube
Dacron® 175 is resistant to stretch in multiple directions over the life of the product and very resistant against the rough beach environment. Reinforced Nylon patches around all leading edge segments increase the stiffness and strength of the tube to help soak up slams and maintain the shape of the aerofoil to maximise power. How do we know it works? We test our kites in England, not just soft sandy beaches!

EZ Single-point Inflation
As with all Flexifoil kitesurfing products, the EZ single-point inflation system increases the speed of kite setup getting you out on the water in less time.

Wingtip Dump Valves
With a dump valve on each wingtip, as well as in the centre, not only is your set up as quick as possible, your pack down is too, regardless of how you pack it!

Storm Chaser 2012 Specs
Storm Photo
Flexifoil Storm Chaser 5.5m Kite Only 2012Flexifoil Storm Chaser 5.5m Kite Only 2012

Price: 549.00 (Including VAT at 20%)


Flexifoil Storm Chaser 5.5m Complete 2012Flexifoil Storm Chaser 5.5m Complete 2012

Price: 789.00 (Including VAT at 20%)


Online Catalogue | Kiteboarding/Kitesurfing  | Kiteboarding Kites (Water/LEI) | Flexifoil Kiteboarding Kites LEI Bow Classic | Flexifoil Kiteboarding Kitesurf Kites 2012 |  Flexifoil Storm Chaser Kitesurf Kite 2012