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HQ Powerkites Foil Ram Kites

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HQ Beamer IV Traction/Powerkite

The 5th generation of the Beamer comes with even more power and performance.
Characteristics you expect from an "allrounder". Improved acceleration and control over the brakes makes this kite the ultimate choice among All-round Power Foils.

HQ Neo Depower Kite

With the new HQ NEO you can ride wherever you want! In cooperation with Tom Bourdeau , HQ launch a true crossover kite. The innovative closed cell design and bridle system allows riders to use the Neo on the land, on the snow and on the water. Launching the Neo is easy and the stability and depower is outstanding in it’s class. It doesn’t matter if you’re free styling or cruising, the Neo will surpass your needs, whilst being really easy to fly.

HQ Montana 4 (IV) Depower Kite

Because HQ work hand in hand with a team of national and international riders, the HQ Montana IV has been designed for the demands of the market. The all new Montana 4 is HQ's depowerable kite designed for the rapidly growing freestyle kite boarding market. Reborn in its 4th generation, the dynamic new HQ Montana IV sets the standard for depower foils.

HQ Apex II (2) Depowerable Power Kite

The HQ Apex 2 (II) is an all-new depower kite specifically designed to fit the needs of beginners or riders, who simply want to cruise around yet still have lots of performance. An all new shape and profile for the HQ Apex 2 (II) offers more depower range and faster turning speed without losing its brilliant stability.

HQ Crossfire II ( 2) Depowerable Power Kite

Then the HQ Crossfire 2 (II) is the perfect kite for intermediate buggying and kitelandboarding.
Higher performance due to more power and speed and yet with an extremely stable flying behavior.
Ambitious beginners will find the Crossfire 2 (II) the perfect choice as this kite will take you to a higher level of power kiting.

HQ Beamer Scout II Power/ Traction Kite

The HQ Beamer Scout 11 is the successor of the successful HQ Beamer TSR and is the ideal kite to enter the world of snowkiting and landboarding. At the same time, it excels as a kiteboarding trainer kite on land. The brand-new X-over safetybar system offers ultimate safety and a complete new feel of bar flying.

Online Catalogue | Kite Landboarding | Kites Land Ram Air Foil |  HQ Powerkites Foil Ram Kites