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King of the Sky/ King of SUP - A series of races across East Anglia

2012 Brings the rebirth of the King of the Sky competition, and now also the King of SUP!

Don't miss out, the next event is 23rd - 24th June. We are sharing the beach with the Lowestoft Airshow 2012 and more than 250,000 people annually flock to our main beach to see this spectacular event! Be a part of it!

The airshow will be full of exciting displays from craft such as :
The Red Arrows (a seven ship formation this year)
The Battle of Britain Memorial Flights Dakota, Hurricane and Spitfire.
BAe Hawk
The Falcons Free Fall Team
Grob Tutor
King Air
Tornado (one day only)
Hawker Hunter
The Red Bull pair
Breitling Wing Walkers

As well as the aircraft there is live music, a fun fair including The Booster, many stalls including clothes and model aircrafts, Honda car and bike display, Hog Roast, Flight simulator, Military displays, exhibitions and of course Lowestofts Blue Flag award winning white sands to enjoy!

The airshow is a FREE event, but donations will be asked for to ensure more years of entertainment. Please donate £3 or more for the days entertainment. It is well worth it!

Please take a look at the official website for the airshow HERE

King of the Sky/ King of SUP Event Details

The event will consist of a demo kiteboard fly past , the full length of the beach in formation, we are trying to get as many kites as we can to line up and ride past the crowds at Lowestoft.

We have held "King of the Sky" in conjunction with Lowestoft Airshow and Waveney District Council before for 3 years in the past and all have been very successful.

We are looking for competant, expert riders to take part, we have an HQ on the promenade and on the beach, with a 50m2 launch landing area, every other part of the beach is full of spectators for the next 3 miles.

If retails your companies products, you are very welcome to come along and exhibit with us and bring your team riders, on our stand for free or just enjoy the event.

Safety is no1 at this event. We will have between 250,000 to 400,000 spectators present at the Airshow. There is only one 50m section of the beach that will be used for launching and landing kites so we are looking for expert riders only who can safely return to that given spot.

We have limited time slots and no kiteflying is permitted during the Air displays for obvious reasons.

We will have some hospitality and a good base to leaves bags kites equipment etc, plus the kiteboardingUK shop is only 200m from the beach. There are hot showers and toilets yards from the launch zone. All the local bar/hotels on the seafront, open up as its pretty one massive beach party/festival, that never disappoints.

In the past many competitors have travelled from all over the UK and we have witnessed British and European champions and team riders from Cabrinha, Flexifoil, Peter Lynn, Brunotti, Slingshot.

The full details of kiting program are still being compiled and much of it will be last minute weather permitting. We must have good strong winds as there is no room to go downwind and land kites as every foot of the beach is taken up by spectators.

Many kiters are coming down and staying in their vans. Best to come on Friday evening, as on the days of the event spaces can only be found away from the sea front roads so emergency services can attend the seafront if needed by the public.

We also have a "King of SUP" stand up paddleboarding event running along side. So if no wind, we will be paddleboarding with a formation paddle past and some racing.

King of SUP race along the seafront with 3 classes
+Fun board round nose up to to 12ft
+12'6 race
+14' race to unlimited.

There will be demo boards available for those who want to try out Stand Up Paddleboarding.

You can see photos and read up on previous years events we have done HERE


It's free for anybody to take part, if you are a member of the kite club "KiteboardingUK" and we know you all the better.
Kiteboarders will need to be expert riders and you will need contact Trevor Sergeant "Sarge" the event organiser by phone. Please call on Friday 22nd June or email him before at his number is 07951 169871 and he will have a chat with you about what is expected. Safety is paramont at this event, so only skilled, confident, competant BKSA/IKO standard kiteboarders are allowed to enter.

Stand Up Paddleboarding event is open to anybody who can stand on paddleboard and paddle, there will be a fun event and a competant paddleboarder race.

Surfboarders paddle event, if you can paddle a surfboard this is the event for you. A short paddle round the pier to raise awareness and money for Lowestoft Volunteer Lifeguards.

LOCATION: Lowestoft, Suffolk, England.
We are all meeting a 10:00am on the barried off 100m section on Lowestoft main beach, it is to the right of Lowestofts white wooden Claremeont Pier directly in front of Waveney District Council Lifeguard station.

09:45-10:00 am Registration, you can attend registration upto and after these times, if you want you can call the race director Sarge 07951 169871 and he will register you.

All events are weather permittng and we already have the latest updates, and they are looking difficult and challenging ath the moment. We hope the weather will improve as the event approachs.

Event program is a follows and more details will follow.
10:30 10:45 am Kiteboarders will be rigged up, and prepared to enter the water.
All kites will be rigged up placed in the first section between waters edge and half way up the barried beach. Kiteboarders will enter the water first. And will ride and demo their kiteboarding skills. Kiteboarders will be launched one at a time and will enter the water one at a time.
As the last kiteboarder enter the water we will wind conditions permitting make our way over the the South Pier and Lowestoft Harbour and will kite in this section and then attempt to line up and ride the whole length of Lowestoft main beach in a staggered formation. It doesnt have to be critical. We are not the Red Arrows, but a fly by cavelcade of kind is the idea. At the same time in the inside section of the beach will be Lowestoft sailing and Yacht also do a Armada of Small craft. We will stay well clear of them out the back and perhaps we can follow the down. Highlighting the use of the wind. at this point you can use course boards twips tips it doesnt matter. And board choice will be down to weather conditions on the day for those who have the equipment options.

The time for the kiteboarding demo will be, 11:00 to 11:45 am. All kiteboarders must be back on the beach by 11:45 as shortly after the Parachutists will be landing in the very same area that we are using. We will quickly rig down kites or place in the corner.

12:00 Sit back, relax and enjoy what is the "The Lowestoft seafront Air Festival" a full flying program will fill the day until 17:00.

17:30 "King of the Sky" competition, depending upon wind conditions.
From the same beach area we will compete in a timed race round a designated course. Launching and entering the water one at a time. Twin tips class and course raceboard classes.

We will also have a program for Free style event, and a "Big Air" competition.
"KING OF SUP" Stand Up Paddleboarding race.
10:45 Paddleboarders will have SUP boards and paddles ready in the second mid section of our barried off area. After all kiteboarders have entered the water. Paddleboarders will take up race start positions at their boards will be at the water edge.

Paddles will be placed 10m in front of them on the beach side. Paddles upright, Race start air horn will sound and you will run to your paddle, back to your boards, put on your board leashes
(BOARD LEASHES ARE COMPULSORY) and enter the water, paddling round the Claremont Pier continue paddling North to the first wooden groyne on Lowestoft beach this is in front of Lowestoft concrete South Pier, paddle clockwise round the bouy in front of the first wooden groyne and paddle back towards the start position, paddling past the pier again.

The race circuit for SUP maybe extended or we will add laps depending upon weather conditions.

SURFBOARDERS Paddle round the pier. FUN Event.
After the SUP Paddleboarders have entered the water.
The surfboarders will put their surfboards at the waters edge.
The fun starts with air horn blast.
Run back up the beach 10 metres approx round a flag, back to the waters edge and your surfboard, put on your surfboard leash (SURFBOARD LEASHES ARE COMPULSORY) and paddle towards the pier. Paddle past the pier and then return to the starting spot, The winner is the first to the flag with your surfboard.

We may add laps depending upon weather conditions.

For every person completing the course £5 will be donated by towards the Lowestoft Volunteer Lifeguards who are raising money towards a new HQ.

Race event Flouro vests are compulsory as well as board leashes


Things to do at King of the Sky/ King of SUP

Why not come and try our Fanatic and Bic Stand Up Paddleboards!! We have Fanatic Demo boards available and Jay Manning one of the pioneers of UK SUP will be there to guide you through the range. Bic Sports are also attending and Ed will be there on hand to show you the various boards available. We also have a SUP simulator, so come and have a go!! Test equipment and goods available to buy. Discounts to be had for those wishing to purchase or reserve SUP boards at the show.

Lowestoft Air show
Lowestoft Air show King of the Sky
Red Arrows