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Kiteboard Leashes

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Go Joe Leashless Board Recovery

Oceanus Eel Kite Leash - OUT OF STOCK!!Oceanus Eel Kite Leash - OUT OF STOCK!!
The EEL incorporates a number of popular modifications all wrapped into one unit.

Oceanus have re-enforced the feed port of the unit from the inside making this model more similar in size, weight, and appearance to our STANDARD REEL, while offering the increased durability of our Heavy Duty REEL RE-ENFORCED model.

Price: 39.50 (Including VAT at 20%)


Oceanus Reinforced Reel Leash  - OUT OF STOCK!!Oceanus Reinforced Reel Leash - OUT OF STOCK!!
The Oceanus REEL Re-Enforced is the most durable, reliable, longest lasting unit to date. We highly recommend this Heavy Duty model to all kiters! This is the model we suggest be used anywhere board loss is a factor such as the open ocean, or rivers with strong current.

Price: 49.50 (Including VAT at 20%)


Ocean Rodeo Go - Joe 2.0 Ocean Rodeo Go - Joe 2.0
The unique hour glass design of the inflatable tube structure places the self righting buoyancy at a high pivot point. This distribution of flotation will power roll your board right side up if it lands foot straps down in the water, (foot straps down create drag, slowing the boards drift). With the board right side up and foot strap resistance eliminated, the Go - Joe is positioned on the board forward of center allowing the wind to turn and sail the Go - Joe down wind towards the rider. If the rider maintains their position with the kite at the zenith the board will simply sail downwind towards you. The hour glass shaped design of the Go Joe fits comfortably between the riders feet and does not restrict mobility. The hour glass shape also eliminates drag caused by spray from the boards rails. The Go Joe is very light and durable using our proven manufacturing techniques.
Construction and durability. The inflatable tubes are manufactured with the same techniques and materials used on our kite tubes. 110 micron PU inner bladder with HD Nylon outer cover. Bomber!

Deck mounting plate uses the same construction as the foot pad deck plates.

Watch Ocean Rodeos Video on the Go Joe 2.0
Price: 54.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

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Online Catalogue | Kiteboarding/Kitesurfing  |  Kiteboard Leashes