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Online Catalogue | Kiteboarding/Kitesurfing

Ocean Rodeo Go Joe 2.0

Our best selling products. See what is selling faster here!

Kiteboarding Trainer Kites

There are many trainer kites out there offered by all the main kiteboarding companies. Here are a few that I personally recommend. Sarge.

Kiteboarding Kites (Water/LEI)

We sell a full range of Kiteboard Kitesurf LEI kites for all abilities. Nobile, North Kiteboarding, Cabrinha, Best Kiteboarding, Slingshot, Flexifoil, Takoon, F-One, Liquid Force, Ocean Rodeo.

Kiteboarding Instructional Fat Sands DVDS

DVDS covering beginners to intermediate and advanced skill levels. Fat Sands.

Kite Package deals

Kitesurf, Landboard and Buggy Package deals to get you started at a discounted price!! You can now get into world of kiting without strecthing your budget. With our package deals you can save £££'s! These package deals are carefully put together by our IKO/BKSA Instructors to suit every level of kite flyer.

Kiteboard Kitesurf Boards

We sell a full range of kiteboards for all skill levels from North Kiteboarding, Best Kiteboarding, Nobile, Cabrinha, Liquid Force, Ocean Rodeo, F-One, Flexifoil, Brunotti, Takoon, Litewave, Jimmy Lewis.

Kiteboard Harnesses

A range of seat and waist harnesses for Kiteboarding, buggying, snow and landboarding. Ocean Rodeo, Scrub, Ozone, Cabrinha, Maui Magic, North Kiteboarding, Dakine, Quadrafoil, Best Kiteboarding.

Kite Pumps

Kite Pumps from Cabrinha, North, Slingshot, Best and more.

Kiteboard Leashes

Don't want to lose your board? Then use a leash. Oceanus Reel leashes.

Kiteboard Kite Knife Line Cutters

We stock a wide range of Kite Knives.

KSA (Kitesurf Australia) clothing

We stock a wide range of clothing from KSA (Kitesurf Australia).

Kiteboard Bags

We stock a wide range of Kiteboard Bags. Protect your ride!

Kiting Windsurfing Books

Books. We sell a full range of books covering Kitesurfing, kiting, surfing and techniques. We stock the lot!

Online Catalogue | Kiteboarding/Kitesurfing