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KiteboardingUK Events

KiteboardingUK has been a strong force on the East Coast since 2000! In this section you can see the events we have run and been asked to be involved in such as a Ford Car advert, Kiteworld Magazine shoot with Susi Mai, 3 Lowestoft Airshows, providing equipment for Lucozade Big Brother Advertising Idents and much more.

KiteboardingUK Lowestoft Seafront Airshow Events 2002, 2003, 2004

Over years the years we have teamed up with Waveney District Council to hold Kiteboarding Events in conjunction with The Lowestoft Seafront Airshow. We did this in 2002 2003 and 2004. After this the Powerboat racing came to the Lowestoft Airshow to fill the events for the Airshow. Although we had some very successful Airshow kiteboarding events we are very reliable upon wind conditions. Therefore show events that can run with out such a reliance on weather conditions are definately more appealing. We had some extremely successful events within the Airshow program.
In recent years we have taken the event off to enjoy it for what it is.
However I believe we will be back to the Airshow in the future as now the Powerboats have pulled out of the program and our equipment is so much better now and also we have more demostrator sports available in our shop. And they dont all involve kites and wind dependancy.

Lowestoft Airshow 2002
Lowestoft Airshow 2003
Lowestoft Airshow 2004

Kiteworld Magazine Shoot with Susi Mai & Emma York

Susi Mai and Emma York do a photoshoot for Kiteworld Magazine.

Susi Mai & Emma York

Ford S Max Advertising Photo shoot

Freezing cold day at Sea Palling. Ford shot an advertising campaigne at Sea Palling with Flexifoil.

Ford Car S Max

KiteboardingUK on BBC website

A small article about us on BBC Suffolk website.

KiteboardingUK Suffolk

KiteboardingUK Big Brother & Lucozade

Lucozade Sponsered Big Brother. The film company for Lucozade purchased Kiteboarding Equipment from us to feature in the adverts which were used as idents at the start and end of each break section.

Big Brother

KiteboardingUK Team/Shop Riders and Supporters

Over the years many people have supported KiteboardingUK. Meet our IKO/BKSA Instructors, team riders and shop supporters:

Sarge IKO BKSA Instructor:

Sarge (Trevor Sergeant) is in a word. He is a Senior IKO BKSA Instructor and has been teaching/instructing since 1999. Having taught 90% of the local kiteboarders in the Norfolk/Suffolk area. Has been kiteboarding since the early days of the sport, and before this was a travelling surfboarder, living all over the world to forfill his passion for surfboarding. He rides and tests all the different kiting brands that are available in the shop. Sarge been associated with many kiting brands. He can be found all over the UK and travels constantly all over the world spreading his love for kiteboarding!

Murray Aldrich:

North Kiteboarding / Team Rider Murray Aldrich. Murray became our shop sponsored rider in 2005 and soon with our help, progressed to a Full North UK team rider. He has also been very lucky to travel extensively to many Kite camps and North training sessions. He is currently being mentored and trained by the Senior North riders including Dave Ibbertson current UK mens BKSA champion and the likes of Jamie Herraiz. Murray and his dad attended our kiteboarding school in 2004 and took the IKO BKSA 3 day course. Murray quickly fell for the sport, while dad Mark became Kite caddy and support team. We soon picked up on Murray's ability and enthusisiam and combined to support him on the BKSA tour.

KiteboardingUK Team Rider - Murray Aldrich
KiteboardingUK Team Rider - Murray Aldrich

Sophie Pitois:

Sophie has been riding for some years now. Check out her stories in the Wind Diaries below. Originally from France, Sophie is doing well and has an aggressive approach to the water. Sophie rides a Best Nemesis so keep an eye out for her at Lowestoft, Sea Palling or Walberswick! Keep up the good work Sophie!

Local Rider - Sophie Pitois
Local Rider - Sophie Pitois

Lisa Pink:

You can find Lisa in the shop and on the beach. Lisa has been landboarding for years and took to the water last summer. Lisa is the main web site builder and is also working hard on - sister site to KiteboardingUK.

Web & Shop - Lisa Pink
Web & Shop - Lisa Pink