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Liquid Force Kiteboards 2011

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Liquid Force Kite Fish Kiteboard  2010

The New 5'3 Liquid Force Kite Fish, is your versatile everyday skim and kite surfboard. The Liquid Force Kite Fish is a great ride and for an introduction into directional board and wave riding you can't get better especially at the exceptional price.

Liquid Force Rawson Fish 5'10

The Rawson Fish 5’10 Quad Fins Setup : Fun, versatile, swallow tail, quad fin set up. Great board for small to medium surf. A single concave allows the board to project up wind with ease. The Rawson fish has ample volume to double as a great all around surfboard to paddle into waves also!

Liquid Force Abreu Pro 6' Kitesurf Kiteboard 2011

The Abreu Pro 6' Quad Fins Setup : Versatile high performance quad fin set up. Single concave through the tail for speed, upwind performance and release in hard, carving turns. Slightly lower rocker profile to enhance kiting performance.

Liquid Force Mulcoy 5'11 Kitesurf Kiteboard 2011

The Mulcoy Pro 5’11 Thruster Fin Setup : Lighting fast, round tail, thruster set up. The Josh Mulcoy Pro is the perfect board for fast down the line kitesurfing. Single to double concave off the tail enables rapid water flow for increased edge control.

Liquid Force Sequence Kitesurf Kiteboard 2011

Completely redesigned, the Sequence is a collaboration of the LF Wakeskate division and the kiteboarding team to create a board that fuses both worlds together. The Sequence continuous rocker and outline allows kiters to enjoy cruising upwind without jeopardizing pop.

Our wood construction has been modified to have the perfect weight ratio specific for kiteboarding. The Sequence is the only board made by a real wakeskate company with input from the godfather of KITEskating Mauricio Abreu.

Liquid Force Twin Skim 2011

Not quite a skim and not quite a skate, the LF Twin Skim gives the ultimate in versatility on a strapless, no fin platform.

Use the wider tail under your back foot to perfect everything skate, from ollies to big spins, and then on the same tack flip the board around to use the narrow tail for some serious slashing and carving in the waves or swell. Whatever your strapless desires, the LF Twin Skim can take you there.

Liquid Force Lowrider Kitesurf Kiteboard 2011

A light wind dream. Designed and perfected in San Diego, California, the light wind capitol of the world! The Lowrider is not just a wide plank; it has been specifically engineered to get you riding and throwing tricks in the lightest of breeze.

Multi-stringer composite construction makes the board lightweight and lively for the size, while an offset stance and asymmetrical concave bottom positioned to the heel edge makes for efficient upwind progress and low power planning.

Liquid Force Edge Kitesurf Kiteboard 2011

From the first time you get on a board with a kite to air transitions you are guaranteed good times with the Edge. The Edge uses an asymmetrical bottom contour pushed slightly closer to the heel side edge to make it easy to find your sweet spot for upwind mastery.

Combine this with a rounded toe side edge and hang-up in the chop is eliminated. A confidence building board that will take you beyond mowing the lawn to hard carves and lofty airs.

Liquid Force Tantrum Kitesurf Kiteboard 2011

The Tantrum brings the proven outline and construction of the Contact into a smaller package for lightweight riders and kids who are ready to ride. Smaller size and softer flex makes for easy riding and effortless take offs and landings while jumping.

Don’t think for a second performance has been sacrificed. The Tantrum has a precise rocker and bottom contour to rail upwind with ease and smoothly release in the transitions.

Liquid Force Contact Kitesurf Kiteboard 2011

The Contact is an easy and forgiving board in all conditions. A continuous rocker line and a proven single concave bottom contour helps this board get onto a plane fast and rocket upwind.

A dual stringer CNC milled core gives the Contact a smooth absorbing flex pattern rounding out the all around performance of this board.

Liquid Force Influence Kitesurf Kiteboard 2011

Jason Slezak’s finely-tuned, ultra-versatile board. This go anywhere board allows the freedom to unlock all of your riding potential. A Dual stringer wood composite core combined with slightly more rocker makes this board absorb chop, cut upwind, and handle jumps and transitions with ease.

Liquid Force Kaos Kitesurf Kiteboard 2011

The Kaos is the product of our ever-demanding team riders that are pushing the limits of freestyle riding. The Kaos is the contest machine, full of life and trick-to-trick performance.

Liquid Force DLX Kitesurf Kiteboard 2011

And you thought it could not get any better. Hyper pop and ultra lively. The DLX has emerged from the collaborative work of the lord of wake style, Maurico Abreu and master board designer Anders Borg. A wood / composite multi stringer core that is milled and tuned to perfection for a blend of torsional and centered flex produces a hard biting edge, smooth transitional pop and clean release off the water.

Liquid Force LFX Kitesurf Kiteboard 2011

The LFX, designed with input from the entire LF team, is a board of many faces. The flex gradient core utilizes a finely tuned multi-stringer construction that smoothes out the chop yet is ready to load and pop on command.

Online Catalogue | Kiteboarding/Kitesurfing  | Kiteboard Kitesurf Boards | Liquid Force Kiteboards |  Liquid Force Kiteboards 2011