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Nobile Kiteboards 2011

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Nobile T5 Kitesurfing Board 2011

The 2011 Nobile T5 is created to rise your riding to the next level in the easiest way available, a perfect freeride combination from the beginner to advanced rider. the 2011 Nobile T5 is an easy to ride twin tip for your on-water pleasure! this multiuniversal machine makes your progress faster and more effective.

Nobile XTR Kitesurfing Board 2011

The 2011 Nobile NHP XTR (eTRa range) is performance board created to extend your riding time at the lower end of the wind scale. Dynamic Asymmetrical Shape combined with Hydrodynamic Rocker provides incredible early planning, outstanding upwind performance, effortless carving and endless control.

Nobile NHP Kitesurfing Board 2011

Since the beginning, the Nobile High Performance (NHP) has always been the product of evolution. Nobile's Flagship model repeatedly wins tests in magazines and always has great feedback from riders. the 2011 Nobile NHP is the board of choice for everybody who's looking for an exceptional, big air freestyle manchine, without compromising on comfort and upwind performance, making it ideal for everybody who desires high power riding, explosive POP and controlled, smooth landings.

Nobile 50Fifty Kitesurfing Board 2011

The 2011 Nobile 50fifty is the most powerful force for performing newschool moves with precision, control and aggression. This board is something for those who desire a pure wakestyle board that provides hugh levels of control at speed, still feeling solid aggressive carving and unbelievable POP combined with butter smooth landings in all water conditions

Nobile NHP Womens Kiteboard 2011

Girls edition was designed with Nobile's team rider, PKRA pro-tour winner Asia Litwin especially for girls riding style. All the men's model advantages packed in the way girls like it. this is not just the standard version packed in different colours. The 2011 Nobile NHP WMN is all adjusted to meet women's needs and demands. more flex and narrow stance options han in men's version makes it a great fresstyle women's board.

Nobile Wood Skim Kitesurfing Board 2011

The Nobile Wood Skim has more wave ability thanks to new Pre-Stress technology that makes the board lively and more reactive. Complete with skate style grip for better feet grip.

Nobile Skim Kitesurfing Board 2011

The Nobile Skim was the first kite specific skim board on the market and after four years continues to introduce a new, exciting and fun element of kiteboarding. This Skim’s strapless design, featuring a relatively parallel-sided outline with optional fins, to provide grip and drive is the best option for intermediates and experts in both light winds and less than perfect conditions. Basically spend more time on the water on the 2011 Nobile Skim.

Nobile NBL Kitesurfing Board 2011

The 2011 Nobile NBL is a board with fantastic early planning and excellent upwind characteristics, along with supreme comfort and durability. Nobile's modern Twin Tip design with advanced flex control at an inexpensive price, representing great value for money and surprisingly good performance. Whether you are fresh out of kite school, an occasional rider, or simply looking for a board that balances progressive performance, ease of handling and superb value then look no further than the 2011 Nobile NBL kityeboard. Designed for those who want to start and push their riding skills to the next level.

Online Catalogue | Kiteboarding/Kitesurfing  | Kiteboard Kitesurf Boards | Nobile Kiteboards |  Nobile Kiteboards 2011