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Nobile Kiteboards 2013

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Nobile Infinity Kiteboard 2013

Designed with 2012 Master Of The Ocean and three time wave KPWT world champion Jose Luengo, the Infinity is a perfect board to explore waves and discover the new areas of kitesurfing. Powerful and comfortable, the Infinity is a perfect toy for all kinds of waves, whether you use straps or prefer a strapless ride. This board is super smooth, responsive and easy to ride. The thin nose makes it immune to gusts of wind and improves the stability, while a 100% tip-to-tail woodcore with Pre-Stress technology makes the Infinity extremely durable and lightweight.

Nobile Wood Skim 2013

This board is simply a fun toy to be used in less than perfect wind conditions and make the most of your day at the spot. Perfect for ripping small waves, perform strapless tricks and enjoy more of the ride. Wood Skim features skate-style foil at the top for better feet grip and Pre-Stress technology for a lively response. Light as a feather and almost indestructible, Wood Skim is a perfect addition to your quiver bag.

Nobile Flying Carpet Kiteboard 2013

The synergy of advanced technologies and excellent shape makes the Flying Carpet a supreme light wind board. This model will let you enjoy kitesurfing while others are still waiting for the wind. Flying Carpet is also a perfect choice for the first timers and kite schools.
Lively and responsive, this board features perfect grip and easy maneuvering that produces a comfortable and pleasant ride. Thanks to the Pre-Stress technology, the Flying Carpet is easier and more fun to ride than any other board of it's size.

Nobile XTR Kiteboard 2013

XTR was designed to extend your riding time at the lower end of the wind scale. Advantages of our hi-performance all-rounder NHP were implemented into a slightly bigger board. As a result, the XTR excels with fantastic early planing, moderate flex pattern, outstanding upwind performance and excellent grip that provides a smooth and easy ride, even when the wind barely blows. This model is a board of choice for everyone who prefers a twintip to a directional in low wind conditions and for heavy riders looking for a tech-advanced board that will meet their needs.

Nobile NBL Kiteboard 2013

The NBL is a perfect board for beginners looking to progress their skills. If you were injected by the kite virus and just can't wait to spend another day on the water to improve your riding technique and learn new tricks, then this model is the perfect choice for you. A forgiving flex pattern and excellent upwind performance, in addition to supreme comfort and durability make the NBL a rider friendly board that delivers fun and guarantees fast progress.

Nobile T5 Kiteboard 2013

The T5 is a freeride classic designed to help you improve riding skills and bring a smile to your face. This model is the board of choice for everybody looking to advance their skills in all disciplines. The T5 board guarantees fast progress, tons of joy and satisfaction. Featuring some of the finest kiteboarding technology including Pre-Stress, Honeycomb Core and Dynamic Asymmetrical Shape, the T5 is a perfect bridge between Nobile's top of the line and entry level models. This model is already a classic in terms of performance, quality and durability. Thanks to early planing and great upwind performance, the T5 will let you focus on riding and progress rather than trying to stay upwind.

Nobile 2D Kiteboard 2013

2HD is the ultimate all terrain twin tip dedicated for performance freeriding. The unique double profiled bottom combined with Pre-Stress technology secure superior carving abilities, a smooth ride and great upwind grip. 2HD's middle flat rocker makes the board extremely fast, while the deeper outside profile increases the grip and reduces the water spray. Freestyle POP coupled with a stiff but comfortable flex pattern make the 2HD a perfect choice for demanding riders looking for top level performance.

Nobile NHP 3D Kiteboard 2013

NHP stands for Nobile High Performance and this board really means it. Packed with cutting-edge technology and top of the shelf materials, the NHP is a freestyle focused all-rounder designed for non-compromised riding. Whether you're riding unhooked or hooked in, the board features POP, comfort, grip and a smooth ride, both on flat and choppy water.

Nobile 50Fifty Wake Edition Kiteboard 2013

Re-engineered to be used in cable parks and with motorboats, this version is the wild twin brother of the regular 50Fifty: radical, aggressive and uncompromised. Stiffer than the regular 50Fifty, this version is ready to attack sliders and kickers. Equipped with wake-specific durable and easy to repair base, multichannel construction and wake-specific shape combined with aggressive rocker makes it an ultimate wakeboard, that works well with a kite, too. This board also features massive pop to fly high, but also wake-specyfic flex, perfect to press the rails and slide like nothing else. Whether its a cable park, boat or kite – this board is ready to rock it all and bring a huge smile on your face while riding it.

Nobile T5 WMN Kiteboard 2013

T5 WMN is a finely tuned board specific to women's wants and needs. This model is an ideal board for intermediate female riders who enjoy kitesurfing and wish to spread the wings and improve their skills. Flex pattern and stance width were optimized specifically with women's demands in mind. The T5 WMN is a board designed for progression, no matter the discipline. This is a perfect intermediate to advanced rider's board, that features ultimate comfort and upwind performance, combined with a huge amount of POP.

Nobile 50Fifty Kiteboard 2013

Developed with Mike „The Knife” Blomvall the 50Fifty is a weapon of choice for Brazylian freestyle wizards Eudazio Da Silva and Carlos Madson. This board is the ultimate freestyle ripper that can dominate the discipline with or without using full boots. This wakestyle inspired model is dedicated to all the riders looking for spectacular POP, comfortable landings, limitless control and edge grip.

Nobile NHP Womens Kiteboard 2013


NHP WMN is one of the very few kiteboards on the market designed specifically for the most beautiful group of riders. In this board all the extraordinary features of regular NHP are tailored to female specific needs. The NHP WMN is a highperformance oriented freestyle board that features massive POP, limitless grip, impressive top speed, comfortable landings, smooth control and easy-to-ride combined with a female oriented flex and stance.

3D Construction and Pre-Stress technology makes it easy to ride and forgiving,without compromise on comfort and upwind performance.

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