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North Kontact 2012 Kitesurf Board

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North Kontact 2012 Overview

North introduces the Kontact; A surfboard range that will take your kitesurfing to new levels!

The concept is quite simple; The overall look and feel of a bigger semi-gun, scaled down to around 6"0 for kiting. The result is a board that offers excellent grip and encourages you to go as fast as possible into turns and carves and give you more confidence in pushing the next turn. These boards excel in good conditions where speed and control is key, but still maintain enough direct response and snappiness to push your limits in smaller surf.

The 2012 model features the same popular rounded pintail but now has a slightly shorter and fuller outline than last years' model and a moderate single to double concave to improve turning and release.

The new 2012 Kontact is a no-compromise up-size board that is most suited to solid, pumping surf. Let's face it; Kiting allows you to ride with more power and speed than any other form of surfing, so why not take advantage of it?

The North Kontact is ideal for big, powerful waves or choppy water and high winds. A great weapon for advanced riders and riders who love precise control. The Kontact is ideal for strapped riding and surfers looking for maximum control at high speeds. Long and narrow, the rounded pin tail rides low and smooth through the water. The thin, knifey rail line offers plenty of grip to drive off the bottom with seemingly limitless hold to grind through high speed top turns.

North Bamboo Construction Technology:

North Kiteboarding 2012 surfboards are made using bamboo on both, the base and the deck of the boards. Bamboo has a high strength to weight ratio, which has obvious benefits in making a durable board that will withstand hard heel impacts and pressure dents, while still keeping the overall board weight to a minimum.

Bamboo itself offers excellent dampening properties which allow Sky Solbach who's shaping NKB surfboards already in the third product generation, to create boards that feel light and lively under your feet, while not feeling overly bouncy or chattery through the chop, effectively smoothing out the ride. Bamboo is now becoming more widely used throughout the surf industry for the exact same reasons. Additionally, bamboo is of course a natural and easily renewable resource. We at North Kiteboarding feel, it just should be natural to care about your planet, especially when loving and living an outdoor sport so closely connected to nature like kitesurfing. Finally, on top of all of these benefits, the immaculate finish and bamboo wood grains, give each one of our boards a unique and distinct look. Every single one is not less than unique, already nearly a custom board.

The Kontact is designed around the premise that kiting allows you to ride with much more power than you ever would surfing and the Kontact is all about harnessing that energy and exploiting it. If you are looking to drive hard through high speed turns with tons of control at high winds and in big surf, the Kontact is the one and only!

With its rounded pin-tail, gunny outline and low tail rocker the North Kontact is incredibly predictable and drives hard off the bottom like no other making it perfect for the most aggressive riders who like ride with speed and power.

The board of choice in most conditions, this board holds a rail in even the most extreme and choppy conditions and will never let you down in a high speed turn. Thin rails give the North Kontact a lively and positive feel under your feet and the single concave throughout helps carry you through a turn and accelerate up the face. Whether you're charging big waves or using the kite to whip yourself through high speed carves, look no further than the North Kontact!

Strapped or strapless, big or small surf, the Kontact is a no compromise high performance range of competition surfboards that will never hold you back.

If it's really windy or the surf gets over 6 feet, you need the North Kontact. Solid feel and accelerates the harder you push it. Great for strapped riding, feels nice and lively and gives you all the control you need at high speed.

North Kontact 2012 Key Features:

- High Performance, Rider Sized Surfboard
- Carving and Control at High Speed
- Down the line surfing
- Aggressive but predictable
- Custom Epoxy Wood Sandwich
- Tight Turns and Snappy Cutbacks
- Light and Durable Construction
- Future Fin System
- Thruster Fins
- Extreme stable through chop
- Strapped or Strapless
- Dual Density Pads

6’1” x 17 ½” x 2 1/16”
5’11” x 17 ¼” x 2”
5’9” x 17” x 1 15/16”

North Kiteboarding Kontact 2012 KiteboardNorth Kiteboarding Kontact 2012 Kiteboard

Price: 629.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

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Online Catalogue | Kiteboarding/Kitesurfing  | Kiteboard Kitesurf Boards | North Kiteboarding Kiteboards | North Kiteboarding Kiteboards 2012 |  North Kontact 2012 Kitesurf Board