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North Team Series 2010

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North Team Series 2010 Kiteboard

The Team Series boards have always been the product of evolution. An evolution driven by riders who are pushing freestyle kiteboarding to the next level and whose riding defines the new-school era. Demanding the most of their boards in all conditions,they are constantly developing new technology to meet the high expectations of North's most progressive riders.

Featuring the most aggressive and uncompromised flex pattern, the 2010 Team Series boards benefit immensely from the new center flex concept which allows the tips to flex for huge pop and the hardest, smoothest landings while still feeling solid and aggressive on edge. A bit more width in the center gives you the possibility to ride smaller kites and the insane upwind performance means you can throw down more tricks in less time. The new S-Bend fins offer more pop, are faster, provide more directional stability and engage quicker after fast landings.

Last but for sure not least, rounded center rails allow a smoother ride and saver landings.

Also included in the Team Series is the Youngblood; an uncompromised newschool twin-tip for lightweight grommets. The customized flex pattern and dimensions are specially developed for lighter weight persons, who want the most pop and most aggressive feel!
Available in small, medium and large to suit new-school riders of nearly all shapes and sizes;

125/36cm (YoungBlood)
131/40cm (Small): Reno’s & “Super” Mario’s choice
133/41cm (Medium): Tom’s and Mallory’s choice
135/42cm (Large): Cesar’s choice

The board is complete with:
* North Multi-Adjustable Footstraps
* North Vario Footplate Pads
* North S-Bend Finds
* North Grab Handle
North Kiteboarding 2010 Vario Footstraps:
These offer a wide range of footstrap sizes and positions with only one strap. As well as size you can also adjust the strap's symmetry and width. Once fitted to the width and shape of your foot, the strap can be adjusted in size as usual.The enhanced construction on the inside increases comfort and provides a good hold in combination with the progressive 2010 VARIO PADS. The base fits the North Kiteboarding Footpad Plate for quick and easy mounting– simply “plug and screw”!!
North Kiteboarding 2010 Vario Footpads:
They define a new level of support, fit and comfort. North were also able to optimize the hardness grade in the heel and toe area for excellent support.

For the first time ever, you can from now on choose between three levels of softness of your pad. All three different pads are delivered with every footpad and vary from soft, middle to hard. Customized to your special needs and preferences, you’ll for sure find the right setting for you. The footpad plate is still quick and easy to mount, it is screwed onto the board with two screws together with the Vario Footstrap 2010. All that’s left to do then, is to step you’re your new slippers and enjoy the ride. North Kiteboarding Grab Handle:
Molded grab handle for ease of use in water and board-off manoeuvres.

North Kiteboarding S-Bend 2010 Fins:

The S-Bend fins are the revolution in fin market. The new design is not just a design, because of design reasons! From the first moment on, they deliver more grip, while gliding free earlier. Especially at hard landings, they rapidly provide a very sticky feel and help to nail more tricks on the water than ever before.

Team series specs

Team series specs

North Team Series 2010 kiteboard North Team Series 2010 kiteboard
Board info as above!

Price: 549.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

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