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Red Air SUP 2012

Online Catalogue | Stand Up Paddleboarding / SUP | Red Air Stand Up Paddleboards  |  Red Air SUP 2012

Red Air SUP 10'8

Enter the Red Paddle Co Ten Eight Mega. It was a huge technical challenge to design an inflatable that could work with this width and volume, but we’ve cracked it! Thanks to the unique Red Air construction methods, you can pump this baby up to a high pressure – more pressure equals more volume. You can pump the Mega so it’s rock solid and stable, even with a huge weight on board.

Red Air SUP 10'6

Bringing Colour to the world of SUP, our new SUP lines mean no more bland deck pads and greyscale camo. Two new colours - Horizon and Cali, featuring our new super traction deck pad.

The Red Paddle Co Ten Six is our flagship board. Designed to match the requirements of the all round rider, it will float and glide easily on flat water. It’s the perfect flat water cruiser. It is also designed to ride smoothly and predictably in surf. While some inflatable boards flex uncontrollably in the surf our super stiff double layer construction holds firm and allows you to pick your line across even the smallest of

Red Air SUP 9'6

The best thing about our inflatable boards is that you can take them anywhere to any area of water – We wanted a board that would perform well where ever you wanted to take it. Taking the concept of the 10’6” and pushing it all down into the 9’6” has created a board that rides down whitewater rivers exceptionally well, paddles up the creek to the campsite or catches a swell off the sandbar.

Red Air SUP 9'4

The Red Paddle Co Nine Four ticks the box when it comes to shorter board performance. Designed in conjunction with test rider Armie in New Zealand the Nine Four will give you that extra boost of performance if surfing is your number one priority.

Being smaller than its sibling the TenSix it packs down super compact allowing for very easy traveling. In fact forget the DVD’s or gym shoes, the Red Paddle Co Nine Four is the number one business trip accessory! Take it with you wherever you go. Throw it in the back of the taxi or hire car. No one will even notice you’ve got it, except when you bust it out on the beach and paddle off!

Online Catalogue | Stand Up Paddleboarding / SUP | Red Air Stand Up Paddleboards  |  Red Air SUP 2012