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Red Air SUP 9'4" Horizon

Online Catalogue | Stand Up Paddleboarding / SUP | Red Air Stand Up Paddleboards  | Red Air SUP 2012 |  Red Air SUP 9'4" Horizon

Red Air 9'4 Horizion SUP

The Red Paddle Co Nine Four ticks the box when it comes to shorter board performance. Designed in conjunction with test rider Armie in New Zealand the Nine Four will give you that extra boost of performance if surfing is your number one priority.

Being smaller than its sibling the TenSix it packs down super compact allowing for very easy traveling. In fact forget the DVD’s or gym shoes, the Red Paddle Co Nine Four is the number one business trip accessory! Take it with you wherever you go. Throw it in the back of the taxi or hire car. No one will even notice you’ve got it, except when you bust it out on the beach and paddle off!

The drawn in nose makes for a more concise and progressive ride, while the 30" wide point and rounded tail keep stability and smoothness a reality, something most other smaller SUP boards lose. It also works well as a kids board so once you’ve finished out in the surf you can hand it over to the little people and be sure that it will still be in one piece after they’ve crashed into the rocks, jumped up and down on it in the shorebreak and basically given it hell.

Why Red?

This is a question we get asked all the time.Almost as though they are trying to catch us out and wait for us to admit that our boards are just standard inflatables.The really good thing is that there is a major difference between us and all the other brands and it doesn’t take us long to explain.

You can pretty much narrow the differences down as far as the boards go to two very important factors:

Internal Construction

All Red Air boards use our Quadruple Rail construction. In an inflatable board there is one massive area of weakness – the rails.This is where the material is joined and this is where you would have problems if you were ever going to get a leak.The Rails on a Red Air are 4 x thicker than any other brand.You could wear through 3 layers and still have an air tight board.All other boards are single layer – it only takes one contact with a sharp edge to rip a hole in a single rail board creating disaster. It isn’t just a case of sticking extra layers on.We place each layer in the right place and join them exactly.

Air Pressure

All Red Air boards can take a lot of air pressure. Most other brands only recommend 15psi (any more than this and the risk of explosion or leaks increases).We have pressure tested our boards to 3 times this pressure.The harder the board the better it performs. Don’t settle for a 15psi max board. Get a Red – The real deal.

The third factor is that we are 100% inflatable.We don’t do anything else.We are specialists and we know more than most about inflatable boards.We are passionate about our brand, the inflatable concept and we use the boards ourselves.There is no comparision.

We are sure that once you try a Red you will love it.The proof is in the paddling.

Horizion Cross Section
9'4 Horizion
9'4 Horizion Red Air
Red Air 9'4 Sup - HorizionRed Air 9'4 Sup - Horizion

Price: 599.00 (Including VAT at 20%)


Online Catalogue | Stand Up Paddleboarding / SUP | Red Air Stand Up Paddleboards  | Red Air SUP 2012 |  Red Air SUP 9'4" Horizon