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Shinn Duke Kiteboard 2011

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Shinn Duke Overview

The Duke is the Shin surfboard. The result of 10 years of kite boarding development and 25 years surf shaping, this diverse trio cater for all water and wind conditions for both strapped and strapless action. Born in the Canary Islands and tested around the world, all 3 sizes offer speed and grip through the bottom turn and impressive snap off the lip. Simply riding a wave is not enough, you need to read it, feel it and rule it… get your Duke on and go ride.

Shaped by d"Jo, D"light Canarias
Single concave to V hull shape
Styrofoam, water resistant core with wood stringer
Bamboo re-enforced deck and hull
M6 threaded inserts
Future Fin Systems boxes
Gloss finish
5"6” Tri fin for snappy turns 5"10” Quad or Tri fin, your choice 6"0” Tri fin for pure surf style

5"6” – Speed and Versatility
Designed for the widest range of conditions the 5"6” is the most popular in the range. Three fins to offer snappy turns and vertical off the lips. The 5"6” is a great option if you ride in a variety of conditions.
5"10” – Power and Style
The most aggressive board in the range. It comes in tri or quad fin set-up, your choice. Only ¼” wider than the 5"6” the straighter outline in the tail of this board provides endless grip in the turn.

6"0” – Pure and simple The tri fin set up in the Duke range the 6"0” is for the purists. This board isn"t a fish but the increased width maintains your speed even when the wave isn"t perfect. Fully closed bottom turns, vertical off the lips and hard carving cutbacks come as standard.

A Duke starts life as a pre-shaped Styrofoam blank with a 3mm wooden stringer. After CNC shaping it"s carefully laminated with bamboo veneer in all high stress areas and then finished with a fine layer of gel coat giving it that perfect, seamless finish. Tested over 12 months this construction has proved itself both light and strong without being so stiff as to make it uncomfortable in chop.

The directional surf straps are designed to give solid support no matter how tweaked your foot position becomes. Fixed with M6, marine grade, INOX machine bolts there"s no chance of your pulling them out of the board. The dual density pads feature just the right level of contours to hold your feet in place without causing entry and exit restrictions on the straps. All Dukes are supplied with the pads applied and an extra 3rd mid pad should you wish to use it.

All Dukes are equipped with the Future Fin System; this industry leading box offers superb strength to weight ratio and widely available replacement fins in the event of an accident. The Shinn fins are tested alongside the Duke range and shaped from high quality fiberglass plates.

Shinn Duke 2011
Shinn Duke 2011 Kiteboard

Shinn Duke 2011 Kiteboard

Price: 639.00 (Including VAT at 20%)


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