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Shinn Kiteboarding Super Shinn Kitesurf Board

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Super Shinn 2012 Overview

Tired of having to choose between Performance and Comfort? Us too, it’s time for something new, a board that breaks the rules and opens the doors too riders to push themselves and their limits. We opened our mind to new possibilities and now it’s your turn.

The Supershinn was not conceived as a competition kiteboard but it’s certainly capable of competing at the highest levels. No board can offer so much performance in such an accessible package.

We’ve combined the highly developed freestyle outline, tweaked the successful Constant Curve rocker line first seen on the Monk, incorporated the incredibly popular Squoval mould and added into the mix our new Hydro-Flo tail conduits.

Were we successful? Judge for yourself but we seriously advise NOT buying another kiteboard before you try it!

Constant Curve Rocker

Conventional rockers have multiple radiuses however our new design maintains a constant curve from tip to tail. As power increases and you load the rail you naturally transfer more weight to your back foot, the cc rocker contact with the water remains constant (unlike multiple radius versions) no matter how your balance is distributed between your feet, meaning no trim adjustment and no increase in leg pressure is needed – constant grip and constant power in all conditions.

Core and Flex

Lighter, Durable, reliable…. Wood really is the best material for kite board cores and that’s why your Supershinn is built only from the finest variety. This board will perform the same in a years time as it does when new and all at a weight that would have other brands upping the price and claiming it to be a special addition.

Sneaker S!

Building on the incredible popularity of our previous Sneakers the SNEAKER S! integrates both the pad and strap into one seamless unit and introduces our brand new S-Traction grip. A well placed insert of memory foam located carefully under the heel ensure the pads will sculpt themselves perfectly to your stance and attach you to your board in never before experienced plush-ness.

High-grade G-10 fins 43mm

Your Supershinn comes complete with 43mm, hi-visibility RED, Epoxy G10 fins. No other material can rival G10 for durability in fin manufacture so don’t accept anything less on your board. Attached to the board with A4 grade, Inox bolts and secured with our own Foxes Glacier mint, fin washers… naturally!

Vertical Strake. The 90 degree strake at the edge of the conduit re-directs water flow over the entire surface of the fin enhancing the performance of the profile and allowing the use of smaller fins without the associated loss of grip and drive.

Variable rocker. The conduit INCREASES the rocker at the rail of the board whilst maintaining our incredibly successful Constant Curve through the central area. The effect? Less rail catching at speed and a more aggressive carve into your POP.

Improved Flex control. It’s no secret, softer tips add control to the board whilst stiffer ones improve POP…. until now! Through endless tests and experiments we’ve used the conduits to re-define tail flex and provide control AND POP; the best of both worlds!

The Shinn Squoval mould is the evolution of 10 years of flex R and D. When combined with the Hydro-Flo conduits this mould allows us to control the lateral torsional tail flex (thus increasing POP) with out compromising the ride enhancing mid flex.

When combined with our Constant Curve rocker and Progressive Concave the Squoval mould enables us to make seriously comfortable kiteboards, no matter the conditions.

Sizes in cm Stance in cm

134 x 40 46 - 51
135 x 41 46 - 51
136 x 42 46 - 51
137 x 44 46 - 51

Super Shinn

Super Shinn Video

Supershinn from Shinn on Vimeo.

Super Shinn Colourways
Shinn Kiteboarding Super Shinn Kiteboard 2012Shinn Kiteboarding Super Shinn Kiteboard 2012

Price: 575.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

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