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Shinn Kiteboarding The Monk Kiteboard 2011

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The Monk Kiteboard Overview

This is a freestyle board for the mere mortals among us. The Monk offers untamed sailing without the limitations normally associated with this style of riding. Hyperflex tips (created using our new FS mould) and our new constant curve work together to create the easiest to access (yet limitless) ride ever seen.

A back door into the high performance world of kiteboarding or simply reality personified….. you decide.

The Monk features Constant Curve Rocker Template with dynamic concave Shinn FS deck mould with bi-axis tip flex
Hand polished, high gloss UV resistant Deck finish Sanded base for high efficiency
Full range of widths for all size riders 53mm hi-visibility G10 fins with transparent deck mounting plates
The Sneaker 3D adjustable footbed system
Spray free riding in all conditions
Mostly Alabasia wood core

Choosing your size.
Whilst many riders still look at the length of the board when choosing their size it's much more relevant to look at the width. The length of the board can be affected by the shaping of the tip and tail - which in reality plays no part in the performance of the board. To clarify the situation further the difference in surface area between a 130 x 40 and a 130 x 42 is approximately 260 cm2 whilst increasing the length of a 130 x 40 to 135 x 40 would give an increase in surface area of less than 200 cm2 ? nearly 25% less.
All of our boards are available in multiple widths to allow you to find the perfect size for your weight, riding style and favoured riding conditions.

All Shinn boards are supplied with high-grade G-10 fins.
G-10 is created by laminating multiple layers of glass cloth with Epoxy resin and allowing to cure under extreme conditions of pressure and heat. The resulting laminate is renowned for it"s high shear strength and impact resistance making it the best material for fin production.
Hi visibility red pigments are added to the laminate during creation to ensure your board is easy to find in the water. Many suppliers coat the fins after shaping however this finish is susceptible to wearing off through repeated abrasion with sand.
Shinn only uses Marine grade M6 INOX bolts for fixing the screws
The transparent deck washer the fin bolts mount through is designed to spread the load from the screw heads and protect your board in case of impact.

Constant Radius ? this rocker uses a constant radius curve through out it's length. Some years ago this rocker would have been considered to be slow to plane and poor upwind but advances in flex control, concave hull shapes and of course kites now mean it can be used to provide un-paralleled control, limitless grip and completely spray free riding in all conditions.
The outline of your board works in conjunction with the rocker to define the way it will perform.
Freestyle - This outline style features more curve radius between the feet leading into straighter, larger diameter curves in the tip and tail. On the water this translates into strong edge grip, aggressive POP and fast turning when applying pressure equally through both feet.

What's inside your board will make a huge difference to how it performs and in keeping with every aspect of your Shinn board we use only the best on the inside, and that means wood ? mostly!
No other core material offers the same blend of consistent flex over extended periods of time, feather like weight and near indestructible durability (not to mention environmental friendliness).
We say mostly because there are some other secret materials in there but we"re not going to give away all of our tricks!

The 3D shaping of the deck moulds on all Shinn boards is a blend of functionality and form.
FS Mould ? new for the Monk - This mould is designed to provide you with the ultimate in comfort and control. It's unique ovalized, central platform creates extreme amounts of tail flex through both axis yet maintains rigidity underfoot to ensure planning performance and upwind ability are un-hindered.
It's no wonder some testers call it the magic carpet.

The Monk Shinn Kiteboard 2011
Shinn Kiteboard
The Monk Shinn Kiteboard 2011The Monk Shinn Kiteboard 2011

Price: 549.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

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