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Stand Up Paddleboarding / SUP

Online Catalogue | Stand Up Paddleboarding / SUP

Paddle Power Trainer

The Paddle Power Trainer is the perfect training and technical instructing tool for SUP. It’s portability and ease of set up, indoors or outdoors, along with it’s scientific and technically specific correct paddling movements, make it the best off water training device to add to your on water training program

Stand Up Paddleboard Package Deals

Stand Up Paddleboard Package Deals.

Stand Up Paddleboard Paddles

SUP Paddles from Werner, Quickblade, Bic, Circle One, Cabrinha, Red Paddle Company, Starboard.

Bic Stand Up Paddleboards

We sell a full range of Stand Up Padlleboards from Bic.

Coreban Stand Up Paddleboards

Coreban Stand Up Paddleboards

Zpro Inflatable Stand Up Paddleboards

Inflatable Stand Up Paddleboard from Zpro

Naish Stand Up Paddleboards

Naish Stand Up Paddleboards

F - One Stand Up Paddleboards

Inflatable and Bamboo construction Stand Up Paddleboard from F-One

Mistral Stand Up Paddleboarding

Mistral Stand Up Paddleboards

Uli Inflatable Stand Up Paddleboards

Uli Inflatable Stand Up Paddleboards

Cabrinha Stand Up Paddleboards

Cabrinha Stand Up Paddle Boards.

Fanatic Stand Up Paddleboards

Fanatic Stand Up Paddleboards.

Circle One Stand Up Paddleboards

Circle One Stand Up Paddle Boards.

Star-Board Stand Up Paddleboards

Star-Board SUP boards.

Red Air Stand Up Paddleboards

Red Air Inflatable Stand Up Paddle boards.

Stand Up Paddleboarding Impact Vests

Impact vests also known as Bouyancy aids. We sell a full range of Impact Vests. Ion Essentials, Gul, North Kiteboarding, Cabrinha, Liquid Force.

Stand Up Paddleboarding Helmets

A selection of helmets and head protection for watersports from Gath, Mystic and ProTech

Stand Up Paddle Security

Lock your keys up safe whilst you paddle!

Stand Up Paddleboard Leashes

Don't lose your Stand Up Paddleboard - use a leash!

SUP Bags and Trolleys

Bags, Carry Straps and Trolleys for Stand Up Paddle Boards.

SUP hire
Lowestoft Beach Stand Up Paddleboarding

Online Catalogue | Stand Up Paddleboarding / SUP