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Uli 14' Race/Touring Inflatable SUP

Online Catalogue | Stand Up Paddleboarding / SUP | Uli Inflatable Stand Up Paddleboards  |  Uli 14' Race/Touring Inflatable SUP

Uli 14' Race Touring Inflatable SUP Overview

Our new 14’0 race/touring SUP. Includes hand pump and gauge. Fins; single fin set up.

Height: 14’0”
Width: 31”
Thickness: 3 7/8”
Weight: 28 lbs

Company founder and ULI inventor, Jim Weir, has surfed for over 50 years. Familiar with the hassle and expense of traveling with surf boards, Jim resolved to find a solution. Many years of extensive research and design, coupled with intensive testing have led to our current patent-pending products. Jim and his brother, Chris Atkins, work diligently each day to ensure that the product you receive is of utmost quality.

Surfing icon Rob Machado was asked what is the biggest challenge of surf travel - his response, “surfboards”. Outside Magazine, May 2006.

The difficulties of traveling with a surfboard have plagued the surfing industry since the first surfboard was created. The ULI Board eliminates the frustration of traveling with a surfboard or a stand-up paddle board (SUB) so that you can enjoy your trip to the fullest. No longer do you have to pay the airline charges associated with oversize baggage or worry about the condition of your board at destination after being in the hands of careless bag handlers. Particularly unique, you can carry your ULI Board to breaks that have never been surfed before. (Many of our customers have).

The ULI Board can be easily packed into a standard duffle for travel on a plane, train, bus, subway, boat or motorcycle. You can even pack the whole family’s boards in your Mini-Cooper. It is a great solution when storage is an issue, whether it is your studio, apartment, motorhome, closet or the storage hatch on your sailboat.

The ULI Board is rigid enough to handle some of the most challenging waves. (Check out our customer testimonials and videos). Because of its buoyancy, it is easier to paddle and surf than most surfboards. You can even surf the most shallow waves. Many beginners have been able to catch their first wave on an ULI Board after many failed attempts on other boards. Some professional surfers have chosen to use ULI Boards at their teaching clinics.

Handmade with care using the highest quality materials available, the ULI Board is extremely durable. As one happy customer stated, “when pumped to its recommended pressure you would be hard pressed to tell that it’s an inflatable.” There is no need to worry about cracking or breaking your board on pavement, rocks or boat deck. Our boards have been tested in all extremes from being run over by a careless delivery truck driver to paddling rock-laden rapids.

The ULI Board is easily inflated within minutes by either the hand-held pump that accompanies the board or a battery-operated pump that is sold separately. Once inflated, the ULI Board is ready to surf. Whenever you are finished, just deflate, roll-up and pack. If you do not want to deflate immediately, the ULI Board will remain inflated and rigid for months.

Enjoy the surf!

Uli 14' Race SUP pic
Uli 14' Race/Touring Inflatable SUPUli 14' Race/Touring Inflatable SUP

Price: 1,134.00 (Including VAT at 20%)


Online Catalogue | Stand Up Paddleboarding / SUP | Uli Inflatable Stand Up Paddleboards  |  Uli 14' Race/Touring Inflatable SUP