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Want to find out what the weather is doing?

Want to find out what the weather is going to do?

To find out what wind direction and conditions we need in Lowestoft for ideal kiteboarding conditions, and at other locations around the UK we have made this easy to access list for our KiteboardingUK customers!

BBC Weather A five day weather forecast generally only accurate up to two days ahead has a real time weather station showing wind real time way off Lowestoft.Still very handy. We don't trust it around holiday periods as it always gets it wrong but normally it's good maybe they all knock off early and go party when its a bank holiday.
BBC weather forcast
BBC Tides This site shows the tide timetables for our local areas at Lowestoft. Click on East for all locations.
BBC Tide Charts
BBC Winds Amoving picture of wind being generated local. Press the play button at the bottom left of the chart.
BBC Wind - as it happens
XC Weather XC is a real time wind report. Please be aware that the bouy/wind indicator out at sea does not pick up local winds/sea breezes on Lowestoft seafront as many times we have be kiteboarding and the wind is nowhere to be seen on XC. This wind station is a long way out in the North Sea. But generally this site is very accurate. Norwich Airport is the best indicator for what is happening in Lowestoft and you can generally add 3-6 mph to this for the wind on the coast. This is a great website.
XC Weather
Wind Finder This site generally reads high by about 3 to 6 MPH, but does tell you the approach of the weather systems and from this you can work it out as most weather patterns follow similar patterns. Ideal and very accurate to the hour. Very good at predicting swaully, bad frontal weather patterns. Obviously avoid these conditions.
Wind Finder
Wind Guru Tides, Forcast, Winds - this site has it all for worldwide weather.
Wind Guru