HQ Neo Depower Kite 6m Kite Complete with Bar and Lines
With the new HQ NEO — you can ride wherever you want!

In cooperation with Tom Bourdeau , HQ launch a true crossover kite.

The innovative closed cell design and bridle system allows riders to use the Neo on the land, on the snow and on the water. Launching the Neo is easy and the stability and depower is outstanding in it’s class.

It doesn’t matter if you’re free styling or cruising, the Neo will surpass your needs, whilst being really easy to fly.

The HQ Neo also has a spinning bar leashless safety system, which is very easy to use in emergencies. After activating the safety release there is little pull on the kite recovery of the centre lines is straight-forward.


Excellent de-power, very little bar pressure
Control bar with chicken loop and safety-system
Extreme Lift and Hangtime
Enormous Increased Stability
New Y-Frontlines for less drag
Fast turning speed
Excellent performance when un-hooked
Internal drainage system and dirt-outs
Innovative speed system and reduced bridle
Adjusted Aspect Ratio for all sizes
Double Stitched Seams with Reinforce Profiles
New Designed 2008 De-Power Control Bar
Water repellent sail material for more performance
Easy relaunch

State-of-the-art freestyle de-powerable kite.
Drastically increased depower with less bar pressure
Excellent lift and hang time with high turning speed
Easy handling & control for beginners to experienced kiters.
Extremely stable flying behaviour.
Manufactured to standards used for paragliders.
Dirt-outs – easy system to remove sand and water from your kite.
Anti tangle rotating bar-system.
Leash-less Safety System. After using the quick release the kite is ready to start again in a few seconds.
Secondary Safety-System at the chicken-loop.

High quality backpack.
De-power carbon control bar with coloured lines.
Incl. Manual, Video CD and guide card.
Comes complete with:

HQ Neo Kite
HQ Neo Control Bar with flying lines and wrist leash safety system.
Waterproof Canvas Kite Storage Bag