Best Yarga SLE 2007 13M Kite OnlySorry Sold
You have heard experienced riders praise the wind range and ease of use of bridled bow kites. You have also heard other riders say they love the power, turning and direct feel of a c-kite. What if there was a way to combine both of these clearly defined advantages into one kite that could be adapted to the day's conditions and allow riders to get the most from their kite quivers? The new 2007 Best Yarga is a kite that does just that.

The king of innovation, Best has once again stepped it up and unveiled the Yarga '07, the only kite on the market specifically designed to be flown in four different configurations.

The Best Yarga is the first "c-shaped" kite with an optional bridle system. Using its knowledge and experience in bridled kites, Best engineered the Yarga to operate as a hybrid or a c-kite. The Yarga's leading edge is equipped with a bridle and velcro points to which a rider can deactivate and store the bridle. Between the bridle and a 5th line connection point, the Yarga can be flown four different ways: 4 line, 5 line, 4 line SLE and 5 line SLE (SLE indicates that the bridle is used).

The Yarga is perfect for the traveling kiter, one who rides in diverse environments but doesn't have room to pack two quivers. Utilizing the bridle, the Yarga eats up gusts and works great in the surf. Through distributing the pressure more evenly across the leading edge, the bridle causes the Yarga to flatten, thus increasing the surface area of the kite and allowing it to work better in gusty conditions. The flatter profile also facilitates the process of water relaunch. If you enjoy the security of a 5th line, the Yarga offers the connection point to easily flip the kite on to its back. In addition, the 5th line facilitates the easiest and safest self landings. Utilizing the bridle also reduces the bar pressure, saving your upper body on super windy days.

REAL's Zack Johnson learned to kite from the rank beginner level up through riding the ocean in head high days, all on the Yarga, in just 3 months time ! "The Yarga works awesome in the surf. The kite is very responsive and stable. The kite turns and relaunches in a snap. Depower is always there when I need it. Using the bridled set up, the Yarga has made learning to kite in the surf a breeze!" Zack is the perfect example of how versatile and user friendly the new Best Yarga is !

When the winds are consistent, the water is flat and you want to go for handle passes and kite loops, simply velcro the bridle to the leading edge and attach your lines directly to the kite. Without the bridle, the Yarga operates with a higher profile and has incredibly quick turning speed and massive pop. The kite loops faster that you can imagine. When you need the positive feel of a solid c-kite, this is the only way to go.

The Yarga is the perfect kite for beginners who don't want to be held back by their gear. When learning to kiteboard, the most important features in a kite include water relaunch, light bar pressure and smooth control. These features are readily available when operating the Yarga on its bridle. As riders develop their own style and ride more aggressively, the fast turning speed, strong power delivery and positive feel offered by the non-bridled configuration will allow them to progress beyond the boundaries of the bow kite.

"The Yarga's a more direct, snappier version of the Waroo you know and love." - Colin Gowland

The biggest perk of bridled kites is the immense depower, a necessary feature needed when riding in the surf. If you're fortunate enough to live in areas where you can ride flat water and in the waves, the Yarga is the way to go.

"The 2007 Yarga has a lot of attributes that the new rage in bridled kites have lost. Smooth power through turns, stability and mega depower with a c-kite feel are immediately evident the first time that you put the Yarga in the air. The Yarga comes stock with a single point inflation system. You can ride the Yarga with the bridle for feel and depower similar to the Waroo or you can take it out on on the standard c-kite attachment points to have a high performance c-kite. The Yarga is a hybrid kite that will keep delivering ever time you are on the water." - Matt Nuzzo

The Yarga is very durable, and for 2007, is reinforced with a rip stop barrier near the leading edge. In instances where the canopy rips, the kite will only rip up to a certain point, and then stop before damaging the leading edge casing. The Yarga utilizes battens to increase the stability of the kite, particularly on the outer limits of the kites range.

Utilizing the proven single point inflation technology of the Best Bularoo, the Yarga is fully equipped with the “EZ-pump” , the Best one point, one pump inflation system. The integrated silicone stopper valves facilitate speedy and consistent inflation of the entire airframe. Less time pumping means more time on the water!

"The Yarga is a solid kite. It has amazing stability, good power delivery and pops the rider extremely well off the water during jumps. When loading up the lines, the Yarga does an awesome job creating the moment of no line tension needed to pass the bar in technical wake style maneuvers. It's the perfect kite for my riding style." - Miguel Willis, Best Team Rider

While many hybrids have entered the kite market, the 2007 Best Yarga is sure to be the pacesetter in the industry.