Slingshot Rev 2 Kitesurf Kite 2009 5M Complete
Maximum versatility without sacrificing an ounce of performance is the CROSSOVER COLLECTION mantra. The Rev hybrid kite, in its maiden year, gained the attention of advanced surf and flat water enthusiasts alike with its collective qualities. Now, in its second year, the Rev2 continues to deliver and exceed every promise of unmatched stability, range, responsiveness, high performance and ease of use in a hybrid kite. Crossover today at

Slingshot Rev 2009 Features:

Progressive hybrid shape canopy
Compact Bridle
CFI attachment points
Surf Tough Seams
Mark cloth scuff guards
Mark clothing reinforced trailing edge
Ergonomic nipple placement
Slingshot legendary construction
Lifetime Rider Hotline Membership

Slingshot Rev 2009 Advantages:

Great low end and super stable in high winds.
Easy re-launch even for the novice rider.
Bow style de-power/ “C” performance and feel.
Massive boost, float longer and go higher.
Leading industry standard in single point inflation
In flight stability and eliminates the risk of tangle.
Provides custom options for surf,
freestyle and freeriding.
Minimizes and contains canopy tears.
Prevents overall wear and tear.
Reduces flutter and increases durability.
Less overall drag.
Bomber quality.

Slingshot Rev 2009 Benefits:
The Slingshot Rev2 offers maximum versatility for surf and flat water riding without sacrificing an ounce of performance.
Crossover today at

Slingshot Rev 2009 Package:

Rev2 kite
Directdrive 4 line control bar
Crossover kite back pack
XL Jenna J Double Pump
Repair kit
Rev2 Quick Start Guide