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Kiteboarding Kitesurfing Paddleboarding lessons in Lowestoft, Suffolk and Norfolk.

Kiteboarding Kitesurfing Paddleboarding lessons in Lowestoft, Suffolk and Norfolk.

Welcome to Lowestoft Watersports/ KiteboardingUK. You may have also got here via our watersports centre. We have diverted you to our KiteboardingUK website.


Paddleboarding lessons now available Lessons and equipment hire. We are now teaching everyday conditions are suitable. Call 07951 169871 to book.
Kiteboarding/Kitesurfing and

We are also taking bookings for kiteboarding and paddleboarding lessons for future dates.

Our in house paddling technique and endurance training sessions are on.

We offer value for money kite lessons and over 21 years teaching experience with our instructor. Who has taught most of the people kiting on the east coast including having taught most of the other instructors around. We not only do shallow water kitesurfing, but our lessons include deep water kitesurfing.
We also do inhouse theory and safety while surfing courses passing on local weather and tidal information.

KiteboardingUK/Lowestoft Watersport club facilites also closed and no more in house paddle, endurance training and technique sessions will also be on hold until CV restrictions are lifted.
Kite school and SUP school is currently taking future bookings.
We have spots available during weekdays and selected weekends.
Please text or email us for quickest responses to any enquires. Contact Sarge directly on 07951 16871.
Do not leave messages on the answer service it does not work. Thanks for your understanding.
As we have been studying weather forever, we also run a local scientific weather station this scientific weather station and is hooked upto a worldwide network supplying data to the weather forecasting community. We are currently looking for sponsorship and help in supporting Lowestoftweather,com Our previous sponsor Lowestofts Claremont Piers and Zoom Night club owner David, allowed us to base the system on the pier.The pier has new owners so weve had to remove the equipment. Lowestoft weather station and website is currently down. We hope to move the system to the shop building. During the 4 years that we based the weather system on the pier, we recieved no positive feedback from the local community, however once we took it down suddenly we had lots of feedback saying how they used it every day and loved it, from local fishermen, parachutists, paragliders and paramotorers, kiteboarders, paddlebarders. Lowestoft weather station requires alot of work and investment, costs to keep running. When it goes live again, please show your support to our staff. Weather is one of our passions and we want to share it with you., is a family run business that specialises in watersports equipment sales and broad based watersports tuition, physical and theoretical training.
We are based in Lowestoft, Suffolk, England. Which is the most easterly point of England. Our Surf shop is 100m from Lowestoft South Beach. We specialise in Kiteboarding tuition and Stand Up Paddleboarding tuition with a full retail shop and warehouse for equipment sales.
We are the only kiteboarding kitesurfing shop on the East coast of England with permission to teach at Lowestoft, Pakefiled and Kessingland beaches from Waveney District Council. We have full permission to take our support / rescue vehicle onto the local beaches. And have been working closely with Waveney District Council teaching kiteboarding responsably for the last 18 years (since 1999). Beware of those that claim to have permission to do this, they dont. Fact.

We sell surfboarding, kayaking and many other watersports equipment. We have a 2nd small shop at Sea Palling, in Norfolk. Appointment only there, to speak with kiteboarding instructors, although we do have part time staff to sell you products at the shop. It's mostly open during the summer months and some winter weekends.
Our main shop, which is fully stocked, is at Lowestoft. 301 London Road South. NR33 0DX. 01502 512768 mobile 07951 169871

Our full time Instructor is Trevor Sergeant an IKO/BKSA/KUK senior instructor who has been teaching people on the East coast of England for the last 20 years, one of the most experienced Kiteboarding instructors in the UK.
We pride ourselves on our kite school, having taught or influenced over 75% of the local kiteboarding community. We have never had an incident or an accident on our kite lessons to date. And we train with east coast deep water kiteboarding in mind
Trevor Sergeant has been teaching kiteboarding on the east coast, pretty much since the very first kiteboarding equipment became available. He specialises in deepwater kiteboarding tuition. Some schools offer kiteboarding lessons in shallow water, however you gain a very limited experience. If you want shallow water kiteboarding lessons we can do that for you. No problem. But value for money, you the student simply dont learn as much. We are in the job of making kiteboarders for life. We dont do the "fun day out thing".

With our local knowledge and in depth specialist experience of all the local beaches from Southern most Suffolk to Northern most Norfolk, Our kite school has taught at all of these beaches as well as numerous other beaches throughout the UK. With teaching experience at overseas kite schools as well, such as Cabarete, Dominican Republic, Tarifa, Malaga, Spain and Northern Cyprus to name a few.
We do special deals on kiting equipment for all our students. Once you invest in us, we invest in you. Simple! we make kiteboarders for life. We also do custom made tuition and equipment packages tailored to suit the needs of an individual, depending upon size, weight and skill level.
In todays kite school market wiith all these new start up schools, newbie come & go kite schools and instructors around, schools working out the back of vans. We try to stay competitive.
When booking your kite lessons you really need to take everything into consideration. It is an extreme sport after all. To take advantage of kite lesson deals "like & share" our facebook page and you will be sent information on what we are doing and where. Call Trevor Sergeant directly 07951 169871. Or hit this link [LINK]

Please email or text me.

KiteboardingUK not just a Kite shop, it's a lifestlye.

We also run a Kite club "KiteboardingUK" & "Norfolk & Suffolk Watersports club" which is primarily based in Lowestoft but has members all over the UK.

KiteboardingUK has 3 Waveney District Council approved Kite Zones for kiteboarding, landboarding and kite buggy use. They are Lowestoft main beach off season only, Pakefield beach and Kessingland main beach. These are approved Kite Zones where we teach our students to kite fly and kiteboard. KiteboardingUK's instructor Trevor Sergeant is the only instructor that has been given permission to teach here and to have vehicle access to the beach. We have been teaching kiteboarding from Kessingland beach since 1999 This is a quite scrub beach. We keep away from the nesting birds during mid season. And to date the agreement with ourselves, local council and the local wildlife has been a good one. Indeed the numbers of birds arriving at the beach have increased year after year. Please respect what happens at Kessingland beach, please repsect the nesting grounds please respect the local commnity and the beach officers that patrol this area during nesting times. If you arrive from out of town to kiteboard there. Call us or email us first.
Lowestoft, East Anglia is the most easterly point of the UK and therefore we can take advantage of regular strong winds from many wind !directions. In the summer, Lowestoft has reliable summer sea breezes, only a few locations in the UK have wind in the middle of summer. Making near perfect conditions for our Kite School. Feel free to browse around our website, you can call or email us. If you do not find what you are looking for and we will do our best to help you. We sell most of the products out there, so our staff are able to give unbiased advice! As well as kiteboarding we are passionate about Stand Up Paddleboarding and Course Racing.

Join us! Northern Cyprus Kite Camp.

Join us! Northern Cyprus Kite Camp.

NEXT KITE CAMPS WINTER 2021 After CV Quarantine rules are finished. Please call or email Trevor Sergeant for more details.
We also have a Kite Camp Kite school in Northern Cyprus. We frequently organise Kite Camps, many times a year to this windy destination. We have over 90 apartments at beachfront watersports resort actually its more like a village. its a gated, private resort with its on beach and outer rock reef protection zone.. As well as plenty of wind, we have a great small surfable wave (Small wave spot, this is the Mediteranean sea after all) a purpose built, 2 large swimming pools, one indoor, one outdoor, conferance rooms and wedding reception facilites. Also Yoga and Massage Spa facilities. Its £25 per night, per person. fixed charge. And we all share 2 and 3 bedroom apartments. Email us to book or check out A small £50 deposit is required to book your space. Click on this [LINK] or the picture above for more info.

@KITEBOARDINGUK on Twitter Keep up with the Action & Follow the latest Tweets from us by clicking here @KITEBOARDINGUK

KiteboardingUK - Visit Us in Shop

Throughout the UK summer we are busy teaching. Text or email is the best way to book an appointment to visit the shop or the warehouse. Trevor Sergeant will then meet you. After hours service is available. No problem. text 07951 169871 to book. Or facebook us.

Our Summer schedule is below. Alway best to call before travelling to visit us. We encourage people to book appointments so you are not dissapointed, sometimes we are simply down the beach or down the warehouse.
Shop: 301 London Road South, Lowestoft, Norfolk. NR33 0DX
Monday - Open, but its appointment only, please call in advance (Telephone and Email service as normal)
Tuesday - 11.00am - 17.00pm (Telephone and Email service until 10.00pm)
Wednesday - Open, but its appointment only, please call in advance (Telephone and Email service as normal)
Thursday - 11.00am - 17.00pm (Telephone and Email service until 10.00pm)
Friday - 11.00am - 17.00pm (Telephone and Email service until 10.00pm)
Saturday - 11.00am - 16.00pm (Telephone and Email service until 10.00pm)
Sunday - Closed for Kite Club 11.00am - 17.00pm (Telephone and Email service only)

If you are going to visit our shop specifically for information then please email or call in advance to make an appointment, that way we can ensure we have one of our IKO/BKSA instructors there.

Kiteboardinguk Stand Up Paddleboard

KiteboardingUK Kiteshop

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If ordering goods from outside UK please email us in advance of ordering, so we can work out the delivery costs.
Paying with PAY PAL? Please email or call us in advance to make sure the product is in stock. We can only accept goods up to the value of £200 in our Paypal account. All orders over £200 need to be made with a credit card or bank transfer.

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